TOLT: Stupid Studies, Missing Summer, Half Marathon Training

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

  • Simple Sitting Test Predicts How Long You’ll Live.

This study has been mentioned in many fitness-related articles.  Basically it says if you (as an adult aged 50 and over) can’t do the following without using you arms, legs or hands, you would be more likely to die in the next 6 years.Sit-and-Stand-test

So like many of us who saw this, I tried it.

Well, I couldn’t do it. Not even close…

Should I be worried? Will I die soon???

Then I read many of the comments on the articles referencing this study and then I also thought about it logically.

There are so many more important factors that influence longevity:

  • weight
  • lifestyle
  • fitness-related activities
  • stress
  • genetics
  • and more

Some people are naturally flexible (even if they have never done yoga.) So they may be able to do pass this sitting test and still not be healthy.

Then others may have knee, back, ankle, foot issues that prevent them from being able to stand and sit without using their other body parts.  These folks who are not over weight and are physically active will most likely live longer.

So, it’s great if you can pass the Sitting Test but if you can’t, I wouldn’t worry about your shortened lifespan.

  • Ice Cream in Winter

I miss summer – the sunshine, the warm temps, the longer days.  The one thing I can control is what I eat.

Image result for walmart key lime ice cream sandwiches

they have salted caramel too!!

I eat ONE every night and it puts a smile on my face. Don’t judge!

  • Training has begun.

If you can call it training.  I don’t have a plan but I do worry about my long runs on the weekend so I guess I am training for my March 5 Half Marathon in Florida.

– Jan 8 – 6 miles
– Jan 15 – 7 miles (Winter Series 10K race + .8)
– Jan 22 – 8 miles
– Jan 29 – 9 miles (Winter Series 15K race)
-Feb 5 – 11 miles or Feb 4 Polar Cap 4 mile race + 6
– Feb 12 – Winter Series 10 mile race
– Feb 19 – 12 miles
– Feb 26 – 10 miles
March 5 – RACE DAY

Related image

My weekdays are using 2 or 3 runs of 3 or 4 miles.


Happy Running! What’s on your mind today? Can you pass the Sitting Test? Do you use an official training plan for your races? Do you eat ice cream in the winter?


15 thoughts on “TOLT: Stupid Studies, Missing Summer, Half Marathon Training

  1. Actually, I like Halo Top (lower fat, higher protein ice cream) & I eat that sometimes. But ice cream is not my big thing.

    And of course I always have a plan. Well, mostly, obviously I didn’t really have a plan for PCB, but since it was just 6 weeks after the previous half, I wasn’t terribly worried about it (or expecting much).

    For me, it’s much more about weekly mileage. Long runs are important, too, but I know if I can’t get in at least a minimum weekly mileage, I’m at danger for injury.


    • and you PRed without a plan.

      I never think about weekly mileage. With working, I just do what I can. I need the long runs to have a decent half. Everyone’s different.

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  2. That sitting test is hard. And I don’t think it’s accurate. There are many other ways to get up off the floor without using your arms/hands that might actually be a little easier on the rest of your joints. Youtube “armless burpees” – trust me! And ice cream ALL. YEAR. LONG!


  3. Oooo, race day coming up! Let the training commence!! Okay, I’m going to try the sitting test, not because I believe in it, but just because, lol. I may blow out my knees in the process, but I’m gonna try it! 😀


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