Loving/Not Loving


I haven’t done this in awhile so here it goes:

Loving: Noosa Yogurt  ( I also add granola -usually gluten-free)

Image result for noosa yoghurt
Not Loving: It’s expensive.  The cheapest place to buy is Walmart.  Not a fan. I prefer Target.  But it is $.40 more there.

Loving: Getting out of work at 4 pm and it is still light outside.  Soon I will be able to get my whole after work run in. I used to work until 5 pm in my old job (So I ran in the dark most of the winter).


Not Loving – My Job. It is what it is.  And It’s not my cup of tea.  But it pays the bills.  Soon I will be traveling…ugh!!  So far only scheduled for once or twice a month…

Loving – Our lack of snow.  Sorry if  you are a skier.  But it’s great for us runners.


hooray for clear paths

Not Loving: My lack of motivation to work out. I haven’t gone to gym or done any strength training at home. I need a workout buddy. Plus the clothing.  It’s cold out (when I run) and then it’s warm in the gym. How many outfits can I bring to work???


this photo was taken back in July

Loving: My Running Buddies. Alyssa had been busy for awhile so I was solo. Judy usually does not train in the winter.  But they’re both back.  I do short runs with Alyssa during the week and long runs with Judy on some weekends. Running is better with friends!!

Not Loving: Having to skip runs. If I’m not training for a big race, it really doesn’t matter but if I am (like for March 5 half marathon), I like to run 3 times during the week.  This will be complicated with work responsibilities.

Today is Wednesday so I’m linking up with Coaches Corner–Debbie, Susie, Lora, and Rachel!

and Wild Workout Wednesday with Nicole, Annmarie, Jen, and Michelle.

Happy Running! What are you loving or not loving right now?


35 thoughts on “Loving/Not Loving

  1. I like the loving/not loving format! I’m with you on loving the increased hours of sunlight! I’ve definitely been struggling motivating myself to run outside and the light is part of the issue. I haven’t tried that Noosa yogurt yet but now I definitely want to 🙂


  2. LOL I moved this year to the desert and it hasn’t snowed here yet and I don’t think it will this year. But back in my hometown where I moved from they’ve been getting massive storms and some of the most snow in years and I am jealous, LOL Definitely want to go built some snow forts, LOL LOL
    But I agree with you, love this time of year when every day we get more and more light. I was noticing yesterday that its now light here until a little after 6, that’s nearly an hour more sunlight than we had a month ago, love it!!!


  3. I’ve never tried Noosa but it does look delicious!

    I’m sorry you’re not enjoying your job. I guess there are two schools of thought on jobs – some people think you should do what you love so it never feels like work, but that usually means you’re putting a lot of energy and passion into it and have little time for anything else, and others think you should just work for work and find enjoyment and passion elsewhere! I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately because I recently changed positions at my school and I feel like I have a different thought process on what my job means to me these days.


    • I loved all my previous jobs and put a lot of energy and passion into them. So maybe I was due for a crappy one. At least, the other parts of my life are good.


  4. Our weather has been absolutely miserable! No snow, but plenty of cold, damp, and wind. We might as well have snow and at least have something to show for it. I’m glad it’s my off-season, because of my treadmill time is NOT getting me anywhere (other than maintaining my cardio endurance). UGH. Rant over.


  5. I’ve never had Noosa but I see it at the grocery all the time. Good? Maybe I’ll have to try…

    Sorry to hear you’re not loving your job. That sucks. Maybe it will get better?


  6. I am glad you are enjoying your runs due to lack of snow!
    hmmmm loving? hmmmm is it sad nothing pops immediately to my mind lol
    Hubby cooked me dinner 🙂 there you go…


  7. I feel like yogurt prices has skyrocketed in the past year or so. Some brands are shockingly expensive when you eat as much as we do – each of us has 1-2 tubs a day. I would like a snow day but I do like not having to worry about icy running paths.


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