TOTR: Affording Races

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Today’s topic is: What’s your limit on what you’ll spend on a race?

I have never done a Disney race or a marathon so I don’t usually have to spend a lot on race fees.  Maybe $100 has been for the most and it was for a half marathon.

But it is not the race fees that add to the cost of the race. It’s lodging and transportation.

Here are what I do to save money:

  • Race Local.

Obviously.  You can drive to a race and you can sleep in your own bed.  I feel lucky to live in an area with an active running community.  I always (except in the winter) have many choices of races.

Three of my recent local favorites – Ramblefest Half, Saratoga Palio Half, Adirondack Distance Run (10 miler):

  • Register Early.

As you know, the closer to the race date, the more money the race will cost.

I try to register for a race at the earliest cost.  Of course, doing this, you run the risk of a possible DNS.  So far, I have been fortunate and have had very few and no big races.

  • Collect Frequent Flier Miles or Hotel Points

If you travel a lot, these can add up and you can use them for your race-cations.

I only have ONE credit card which gives me miles. I try to charge everything on this card so that I can get a free flight and use it for a race-cation.

Image result for treasure coast half

free flight to West Palm Beach, FL for this race!!

  • Visit Friends While Running A Race

Combine a trip to visit a friend or multiple friends with a race. This works really well for me (especially to visit those friends who live in warmer winter climates. LOL)

Just remember to spend time with your friends in addition to doing your race.

  • Take Advantage of Social Networking

Meeting runners through Facebook or Blogging can lead to a free place to stay as well as an awesome race experience.

Happy Running! Do you spend a lot of money of racing?  Any other suggestions on how to save?




15 thoughts on “TOTR: Affording Races

  1. Most likely I spend less on actual race fees than you — well, scratch that, of course I do. It would be interesting to see how it adds up with food, hotels, etc. but since I don’t add it up, I guess we’ll never know. 🙂

    Of course it’s also not a fair comparison because there’s 2 of us (usually) when we travel.


  2. I try not to think about race fees since ours are doubled, thanks to my husband becoming interested in running…but it’s something we do, and like you said, we try to cut costs other ways, like using advantage points for free hotel rooms.


  3. I have to admit that I actually like traveling and racing. I like being able to stay at the host hotel and going straight to the start line. If we stay here and race, we have to wake up at some unholy hour just to get there. For instance, RNR Seattle, we leave at 4:45 to make the shuttles at 6 a.m. from the parking garage, for a race start time of 8, and then I don’t usually cross the start line until like 8:45 or so. By then I’m ready for a nap, 😀


    • It’s not so bad for a small race. But for a big one, it’s nice to be near the start line. In Florida, I usually am which is good because the races start so early.

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