Monday Running Update


Last Week:

  • Monday – My last day in Panama City Beach and I wanted to hit 1000 miles for the year here.

I loved running here!!! (The donuts were an added bonus.)

And I did

  • Tuesday – Back to reality – work and cold weather and a needed rest day to unpack, do laundry, shop etc.
  • Wednesday – I decided to go for a run since I wasn’t scheduled for tennis except that I didn’t realize that they didn’t turn the lights on in the Crossings.

  • Thursday– Another cold day and I had too much to do so I bailed on my run. (I got spoiled in Fla.  The cold is depressing.)
  • Friday – Another rest day – a holiday party at work and I hosted Mah Jongg at my house.

I forgot to take of pic of my dessert plate – so many delicious ones.

  • Saturday –  Weather is getting colder – the coldest of the year so far and I had an evening 5k.

Had a fun time even running on tired legs.

  • Sunday – Annual Holiday Trip to NYC. What a great day!

11 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days (Taking a training break, obviously)

This Week:

  • Monday4 mile run before tennis
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run, dinner with a friend
  • Wednesday – rest day, STEM thank you dinner
  • Thursday – 4 mile run with Alyssa 
  • Friday – rest day, Painting party to celebrate mentee’s b-day
  • Saturday – 6 mile run, tennis holiday party
  • Sunday – rest day
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

  Happy Running! How is your running going?


20 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

    • I laughed when I saw them. My friends didn’t understand but I knew you would.

      Having fun is what it is all about. Life is too short.

      Hope your toe is feeling better.


  1. It was cold here for my Saturday night run too! It is going to get colder for a few days, but we don’t have snow in forecast so far, that is what gets me bummed.
    I want one of those donuts LOL


  2. Love those big red balls, they’re so cool! I watched the NYG football game last night and they showed those balls on TV and, no joke, I thought of you. And then, here today you have a picture of them! Things that make you go hmmm… 😀

    BTW, great running especially considering it’s a recovery week, and congrats on your 1000 and your 5K! You’re the little Energizer bunny!!


  3. Ok, Lady. I think I remember you saying (recently) that you had no interest in training for a marathon because you didn’t want to do all those training miles (or something to that effect). Ummm…you just passed 1,000 miles LOL I’m probably not gonna make it to 1,000 and I did an Ultra AND a marathon this year. You’re a badazz 😉


  4. Congrats on reaching 1000 miles for the year!
    Our school went to NYC on Sunday. Had I went I may have ran into you (among thousands of people,

    So hey, I usually read your blog on my phone but am now reading it on my PC and whit stuff is floating around. Are you making it snow on your background? if so, that is seriously cool!


  5. I’m so happy your reached your 1000 in FL! I’m going to be close to 1200 for the year but since I’ll start tapering soon — it won’t happen. Your annual trip to NYC looks fun. I need to get back there and enjoy all the wonderful decorations. I just have to say — I like my balls large, hot, deep fried and greasy. Ya know. Thanks for linking, Darlene!


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