My Year in Running – 2016

I’ve been doing  Miss Zippy’s Year in Running post for several years now. I did 2015,  2014, and  2013 and so even though Amanda has given it up, I wanted to write this post. Luckily, Courtney has taken it on, so I’ll link up with her again this year.

year of running linkup

Best Race Experience:  Hands down. Panama City Beach Half Marathon. I’ve run 42 races so far this year.  I’ve enjoyed them all in different ways.  But none compare to the PCB Half. It wasn’t my best finish time.  It wasn’t even the most scenic course.  But spending the race weekend with 7 other awesome women/bloggers/runners made it THE BEST EVER.


pre-race giggles at Pier Park, Panama City Beach

Best Run: For the first time since I started running, I’ve run over 1000 miles in one year. I’ve had many good runs.  The most satisfying, however, was the one I ran along the Hudson River (in NYC) with Anna (from Russia).  I inspired her to become a runner and this was the first time that we ran together. (She flew to NYC from Moscow to run with me!!)

along the Hudson River, NYC

along the Hudson River, NYC

Best new piece of gear: Not much is new this year except for my Apple Watch but I haven’t fully given it my seal of approval for running yet.  I still love my Nike Zoom Vomero 10s and have added to my collection as well as my GGU skirts from Skirt Sports.

Best piece of running advice you’ve received:  Never Give Up.” Coincidentally it was on the bracelets that Wendy gave us before the PCB Half.


I thought that my speed was gone. My PR days were over! The last decent half that I had run was in January of 2015.  But I didn’t give up and it took me until October 2016 to get that PR.


I hope to continue to believe that I can get faster.  And if I can’t, to always do my best in my races.

Most Inspirational Runner(s): I would say the Karens. One competed her first marathon after suffering from all kinds of foot pain (and with an amazing time) and the other trained diligently for her 2nd marathon (NYC) and had a huge PR.

Lucky me.  I got to meet them both!!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: A friend took the one on the left.  This is one of my favorite nearby places to run.  The one on the right was taken during the hardest halfs that I’ve ever run.

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat:  There were many. Of course, it would be Panama City Beach but that would depend on Holly inviting me again.

So I’d  have to say my half marathon PR.  Everyone loves an unexpected PR.  I also ran the race on a pretty course and with a friend who also had a PR. Maybe next year, it will be warmer and drier.


If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Races, Skirts and Friends.

It’s been a great year for all 3.

42 races !! 15 new ones!! 3 Race-cations!!!

Again I was selected as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain.  I love the company and especially their products. I am proud to represent them on every run and every race!!

Nov 13 - 15k

Nov 13 – 15k

I ran with Judy in NYC, acquired Alyssa as a new running partner and continued to run with Barbara.  I have also made many friends through running groups and races. Of course, the icing on the cake was being invited to a girls weekend and meeting 6 other running bloggers.

Happy Running!  Answer a few of these questions in a comment or post to your blog.


13 thoughts on “My Year in Running – 2016

  1. Aw I am flattered ! THANK YOU. It is such a fun experience meeting bloggers and I really enjoyed connecting this year. You had a fantastic year, loved reading the recap. I need to do one too !


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