LL Bean Bright Night 5K Recap

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Saturday, October 22, 2016 5 pm in the Crossings

Why in the world did I sign up for this race??

I would be away in NYC Sunday and then Monday-Friday.

But if you read my TOLT post, you know that I suffer from FOMO.

I have run this course several times.  And I have never had a good finish time.  Not sure why.  So I was perfectly happy to run a night race having it be “purely for fun.”

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course map

Here’s what the first annual race advertised:

This course is run through the Crossings of Colonie Park.  Finish with piles of glowing jack O lanterns “cheering” you on!

Race Shirts
Everyone who registers for the race will receive a Unisex Brooks Podium T-shirt in the bright Nightlife color. Shirts will be distributed by sizes on a first-come-first-served basis at packet pick up.
Water Bottles
All participants will receive a free reusable water bottle, courtesy of our sponsor Camel Bak.
LED Shoe Light
All participants will receive a free Shoe Lit from Nite Ize. These cool LED lights clip onto the laces of your running shoes
FitBit fitness trackers will be given as awards to the top three male and top three female overall finishers, as well as the top finisher in each age group: 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.  Awards will not be mailed.  You must be present to receive them.
Pretty neat swag.  And for this reason, the race sold out right away at 300.

I was supposed to spend the day with my mentee and her kids at Ellms Family Farms but the weather was too lousy – cold, rainy and windy.  Instead I went to the movies with friends.

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loved the book and the movie did the book justice.

So who would want to run a night race in these weather conditions?

Not me!

But I did sign up.

So I went to the LL Bean store at the mall at noon to pick up my race packet so I didn’t have to rush in the evening.  The race took place at the park about 10 minutes away. I got my short sleeved tech shirt and water bottle.  They didn’t have any LED shoe lights.  (Would have preferred these to the water bottle that I have dozens of.)
It was tough deciding what to wear. I mean it was in the 80s just a few days ago.  But for this nasty weather and for an evening race, I decided on tights under a skirt, several layers, a jacket, gloves and hat. I had to locate my winter running clothes.  UGH!
I wore them to the movie theater and then after the movie, I drove to the race start to find a decent parking spot.
I should mention again that the weather was horrendous.  I kept hoping that the rain would let up but no such luck.  I sat in my car in the parking lot, debating whether I should run the race or go home.
To make things worse, the temperature kept dropping and it was getting windier. But I decided to be tough and run the race.
I stayed in the car until the very last minute and ran to the start line (ditching my rain poncho in the pavilion.)  I recognized a few runners.  Out the 300 who had signed up, less than half came. (The smart one stayed in their warm dry homes.)
Well, this won’t be a very exciting recap.
I didn’t warm up so my legs were stiff at first.  I felt like I was running fast but I was not.  The wind was tough and the rain came down harder and harder as the race went on.  It was very wet.  You had to run around big puddles and be careful that you didn’t slip on the wet leaves. And even with gloves, my hands were numb.
The Crossings is hilly too.  I keep forgetting. The worse part was that it was hard to breathe. I wasn’t running fast and I was out of breath the whole race. Others complained about the same thing.  It must have been the cold.
At least the miles went by quickly.  I am so glad that it was only a 5k.  When I saw the finish line, I ran as fast as I could.  I just wanted to get warm and dry as soon as possible.

those are pumpkins cheering on the finishers

I don’t think anyone cared but there was NO food after the race.  Just some cups of water.  You got your results texted to you and were able to get your award quickly if you won.
They gave out $25 gift cards to L.L. Bean to first place in each 10-year age group.  (They had advertised that you got a FitBit.) And I won!!  (I didn’t need a FitBit anyway.)
I got my award and then I grabbed my poncho and headed home to my fireplace and some HOT soup.

such an attractive look

Race Splits:
mile 1: 9:21
mile 2: 9:21
mile 3: 9:24
        .1: 8:00
Can I say that I am glad that I ran this race and that I had fun?  Absolutely not!  (Maybe it’s because I am still thawing out LOL)
Happy Running! Ever run a race that you should have skipped?

14 thoughts on “LL Bean Bright Night 5K Recap

  1. When I read the race description I was tempted by the swag too! I’d like to try the clip on shoe lights and a fit bit is a good prize – about £60 so to get a £25 voucher is a bit of a let down! Though like you I already have a fit bit. But they should give what they offered. In the U.K. That would be illegal, to offer then not follow through. Although over here offers are usually made ‘while stocks last’ ‘subject to availability’ or ‘or equivalent’. But if they capped at 300 places they should have had 300 sets of shoe lights etc.


  2. Congrats on your AG win. I would have HATED to run in these conditions. I did a 20 K like that a few years ago and I still have nightmares…..


  3. Mental toughness!! I’ve done a 10K in those conditions, except I ran with the rain poncho on, not the smartest move. I ripped it off at about the 4 mile mark and tossed it. I was still glad I weathered the weather regardless, lol.

    They should’ve, at the very least, had the shoe lights. Disappointing when they don’t have the swag offered… they’ll get a bad rep for that and no return customers.


  4. Well you were pretty dang speedy for stiff legs and no warm up! Great job 🙂 and won $25 that would have made me feel it was worth it lol
    Th weather sounds awful I hate when race days so south like that. I have run a few and got super sick after one…like really ill. I always debate when there is an extreme circumstance now.


  5. You put your big girl panties on and you sucked it up! I have to say Darlene, I think I would be one of those who sat at home, then I’d kick myself in the rear when I saw the results if I could have one in my AG!
    You can always sell the Fitbit and hey $25 gift card isn’t’ too shabby either!


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