Monday Running Update


Last Week:

  • Monday – Tonight was our second Troy Turkey Trot Training group run. Again my legs were tired from the running that I did on Sunday. When this happens, I can’t take full advantage of the training group drills. But I did my best but it was tough.  Thankfully, it got dark before we could run another hilly loop.

  • Tuesday – Just work with a short walk at lunch and tennis in the evening. We went out to dinner after and I shared a pizza. No dessert!
  • Wednesday – I met up with Alyssa for a run before my STEM volunteering. The weather was perfect.  I am still dragging.  Luckily, Alyssa continued on her own for another loop and my STEM group is doing the Couch to 5k walk/run.

Afterward I met my BFF for some steps in the mall.

  • Thursday – My hair appointment interfered with my planned run.  (Hair color is important!!)  Afterward I wanted to squeeze in a short run before it got dark but it was my MIL’s 91st birthday and I had to stop by for dinner & cake.  (Another skipped run! Grrrr!)

ziti, meatballs, lasagna, rum cake – Oh my!

It was nice having all the family together – my MIL, BIL & his son, SIL, 2 stepsons & their girlfriends & my hubby (In the picture above are my MIL, nephew, BIL, sons’ girlfriends)

  • Friday – Rest day but at least I walked at lunch. In the evening,  I had my weekly mah jongg game (at my house)
  • Saturday –  I ran a 5K race.  No PR but 2nd in my AG.  This is one of my favorite 5ks.


Afterward, I ran almost 7 more miles.  I drove to the Zim Trail which has become my favorite place to do a long run (Could it be Leah’s cakery?)


  • Sunday – I thought we’d go boating today but the weather was iffy so my hubby signed up for two tennis tournaments. I did lots of cleaning up around the house and went for a walk in the mall. (There may have been some retail therapy involved too.)

18 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days.

This Week:

  • Monday Turkey Trot Training group run (3 miles)
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday4 mile run with friends+ volunteering with STEM group
  • Thursday – 4 mile run, dinner out some former co-workers
  • Friday – rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday – rest, boating ??
  • Sunday Ramblefest Half Marathon!!
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by these wonderful bloggers Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin. See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going? Any races?


13 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. Isn’t it something how pushing the pace can fatigue out the legs for a few days!? I noticed that the last few times I pushed it. Even today my legs are tired from my long run.
    Congrats on another AG 🙂 Glad you had a good run! That is good you can discipline yourself to go run after a race!


  2. Hair color is very important! I just took care of that myself. If there was a delicious bakery near a trail — it would be a no brainer for me. Or a Starbucks would do too. LOL. Congrats on the 2nd place win. Just where do you keep all of those awards? Good luck at the half marathon. I’ll be cheering for you from Chicago. (Much closer than my normal cheering location.) Thanks for linking, Darlene.


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