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Since it is Thursday, I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

Three and Done

They say bad things happen in threes.

  1. During my proctoring on Saturday, the bottom of my clog fell off. I normally have running shoes in my trunk but I recently cleared everything out. So I walked around barefoot until I figured out that I could rip off the bottom of the other shoe so I could walk. Grrr!!
  2. Again during my proctoring, the student taking the exam opened her water which turned out to be fizzy water and it exploded all over her test and answer sheet.  She hadn’t started the test yet but now she had to completely refill out her answer sheet thus adding more time to my day!! Ugh!!
  3. I brought a cool travel mug to work.  I love to get Starbucks everyday but I decided to economize and use Starbucks Kcups with flavor creamers instead.

Well, like my shoe, it was probably old and it fell apart.

Need to buy new shoes and new mug!!  All is good now!

Impromptu Race Sign Up

Guilty as charged.

Image result for best damn race new orleans

New Orleans March 25, 2017

I probably won’t be able go (unless there’s a miracle).  But I logged on with everything filled out in advance to get the $1 race fee.  I did not but registered for $10.  Still not a bad price. If only I lived closer.

Anyway, I think I will probably defer it until next year.

Speed Drill

If you read my blog, you may notice that all my training runs are just easy runs.  All are easy.  The pace depends on whom I am running with and if I am solo, it is pretty slow….

This past Monday at my Troy Turkey Trot group training, we had to run a easy long loop, a pickup following by a walk.  The pickups were for .8 mile each.  We did this 4 times and where we run is VERY hilly.  Luckily it got dark or we may have done more.  The toughest 4 miles ever.

It sucked but in a good way, if you know what I mean.

Unmotivated Half Marathon

My last half marathon was supposed to be a training run for this upcoming one.  But it went better than expected. In fact, it was 2nd best half marathon time and I won 3rd in my age group.


So I skipped my long run last weekend and I am thinking about doing the same this weekend.  My goal race is now a “I’ll just do it and get the medal” race.   I don’t really care how fast.

I hope I get my mojo back for Panama City Half on Dec. 3.


I have been on a dessert rampage lately.

I’m not sure why.  Maybe because I am so frustrated at my job.

Last week, I think I went out to eat almost every night and had a disgustingly good dessert each time.


just one of many

Happy Running! Have you had any unlucky things happen to you lately?  Do you do the recommended speed drills?  Ever run a half that you are not motivated to train for? Do you ever overdo on sweets?


11 thoughts on “TOLT: Random Stuff

  1. Awww, I hate feeling frustrated like that…usually I drink more wine lol but i have been known to take the dessert option as well.
    Hills do suck, but I will run them in the winter – it is very hilly near me and I usually avoid the hills all summer.
    2:11 is great time! I would just run the next one for fun too and who knows you may do just as well.


  2. Overdoing sweets is my middle name. Which is why I’m so vigilant about it. It’s always really tough to start a new job — hopefully it will get better or you’ll put in your time and find a better one.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been unmotivated for a half, but I don’t run as many as you. I think that helps.

    I very much doubt I will PR any half this year, as they’re all very likely to be way too hot for me. And yet I train as if I will . . .


    • Yes, I do admire your dedication.

      Sometimes I do better when I don’t train. It is discouraging when you try so hard and it doesn’t happen.

      As you say, just adjust your expectations. And it seems that you have.

      I have NO willpower if there is a dessert in view!!

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  3. Sounds like you had your fair share of trails this week. You need to get out and do a long training run this weekend. I can bug you if you want! 🙂 I think having varied runs during the week will maybe give you a push to do the longer runs too. Sorry about your shoe and mug….what a bummer.


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