TOLT: NYC, Inspiring, Working, Etc.

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Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • NYC

Image result for I love nY

I was lucky to have gone to the city for my 4th time this summer on Tuesday.

Unfortunately I was only there for 5 hours and my only reason was to see my dear Russian friend, Anna.

She was my host when I first visited Russia 14 years ago.

in 2006, my 3rd visit to Russia

We have stayed in touch and she visits as often as she can.  The last time was 3 years ago. This time she flew to the US for a wedding in Maine and decided to stop in NYC on her way back so I could see her.

So I took the bus down and we spent the day together.  It was wonderful.


lunch on the North River Lobster boat


walk along the High Line


went to the rooftop of the Standard Hotel


and had dessert and drinks

  • Inspiring

I should mention that Anna is very much into fashion.  Until this visit, I have only seen her in nice clothes and nice shoes.  (In fact one year, she got blisters from walking around NYC in those shoes so she had to borrow my sneakers. She made me crop them out of every photo.)

In 2012, when she came to visit, she watched me in a race. Everyone got an medal and she seemed intrigued.

Now 4 years later, she tells me that she is a runner!!!!!!!!!!  I was shocked!!


And she ran 2 days in a row in Central Park!!  I feel like a proud parent!!!

She even mentioned that she wants to run a race and get a medal.  Maybe even come back to the US and run one with me…

  • Work

Yup, I have a job.  I’ve only worked 2 days so I can’t say much about it.  I do feel like I am in a college class where I need to work hard to learn the material and then perform at a certain level.  Let’s hope my “old” brain can absorb all this new stuff.

  • Racing

A lot of that.  Coming up is a 5k, a half marathon, 2 5ks, a  half marathon…

Image result for malta 5k

this Saturday

  • Fall

There’s pumpkin everything out but today the heat index was 90 degrees!?

Image result for pumpkin latte

I am have love-hate relationship with Fall.  I love the pretty colors of the leaves and running in the cooler temps.


the rail trail where I run often

But it means the days are shorter and winter will be arriving.  I HATE WINTER!!

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?  Have you ever inspired someone to start running? Do you like Fall?





14 thoughts on “TOLT: NYC, Inspiring, Working, Etc.

  1. Love it! I’m going to NYC soon, less than a month. I can’t wait. It’s been so long.

    What am I thinking about today? How tired I am. How many questions I have in my head about my future as a runner. Why my body won’t cooperate. Having a little hope that things will be better (it’s busy in my head).

    I have apparently inspired someone to become a runner! My friend Kate, who used to live here in NL, moved back to the states and started her own health and wellness path. She said it was me who inspired her to start; she decided to do a 5K and once she achieved that she did a 10K. She told me a few times that she felt like if I could continue doing it, surely she could do it too. Super proud of her actually!

    I like Fall, but like you I don’t like that it means winter is coming. 😦


      • October 5 – 10. I’m coming for the Brooklyn Rock n Roll Half. I got an amazing deal on airfare and I have a friend I’m staying with on LI (except for the Friday and Saturday I’m staying in Brooklyn, easier to get to the race, etc).

        Trying hard to not be hard on myself. But feeling the feels or pushing the feels away, they both cost energy, so trying to let it out and shake it off!


  2. I think I may have inspired my sister to try running but she wasn’t smart about it and immediately injured herself so that now she can’t even do the walks she was doing. So she’s vowed never to run again.

    Oh well. That would be totally cool if you could race with her.

    Oh man, talk about tired, I’ve barely slept for the last couple of weeks . . .


  3. So glad to read you have a job, congrats ! I love fall temps but hate that the days are getting shorter. Which is why I don’t mind winter because I KNOW the days are getting longer. Mid November to mid December is the worst….


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