Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday – After a rainy Sunday, today was beautiful.  I took a walk to the park at work.

They are in the process of re-planting the tulip beds so not much to look at…yet.

This is my first Monday without a Freihofer Training run so I asked Judy if she would join me for a run in the Crossings. And she was nice enough to postpone her run until I was done with work.

  • Tuesday – Today was a rest day. Just a walk at lunch and my Tuesday after work tennis group was scheduled to resume after a month off.  Now we play outdoors until fall.

Unfortunately we got rained out. So guess what I did?  I went to the gym. Shocker I know.


first time in 7 months, I think.

  • Wednesday –  Today was the last STEM training run until the big race on Sunday. I was excited to see who would show up (since I haven’t gone in weeks.)  The weather was quite chilly and I was paired with the slower runners.  So I didn’t get the workout that I wouldn’t have liked but it was rewarding to be motivating the STEM participants to run.

my run/walk group

  • Thursday – The cool windy weather continued. I debated running after work but decided to just rest and hit the gym AGAIN.

  • Friday – I went to a conference in the morning so had no time to even go for a walk.  Then work stuff got in the way of the 5K that I had planned to run after work. My first non-injury DNS 😦
  • Saturday – Rain and wind interfered with my first day on the boat (Re-scheduled for next weekend!!) Did some gardening instead.
  • Sunday – I thought that I would run a 5K race today.  But they decided that volunteers would not officially run the race just run along side a STEM participant. Boy, was it rewarding. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. These ladies were awesome.

Afterwards, I drove home to run 5 more miles. It was cloudy and windy but glad to be out there.

14 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days.

This Week:  

  • Monday – First day of unemployment, 3 miles with friends
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis?
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run with a new friend
  • Thursday –  rest, hair appt
  • Friday – 4 mile run, STEM celebration
  • Saturday – rest, boating?
  • Sunday 9 miles
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races?


10 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. I ran 8 miles yesterday and my leg is feeling better. I have a 15K this coming weekend and a 5 miler in NYC the weekend after that. I haven’t raced since the marathon, I am getting excited ! So, do you not work all summer ? When you say you are unemployed, does the university close down ?


    • Unfortunately it means that they re-organized and cut my position (after 10 years) so I am looking for a new job. Wish me luck.


  2. Your weather seems to be all over the place. IT has been crazy hot here lately. Very tough for running. Question….is purple your favorite color? You wear lots of cute purple running skirts. And I love that you and Judy matched for your run together!


  3. I think it was a tough weather week for everyone last week- rain rain go away! or rain while I am sleeping! You could see the steam come up off the pavement it was so icky here! Look how you ended the week with 9 miles- BAM! Impressive 🙂


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