Friday Five: Healthy Starbucks

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with three DC area bloggers Mar at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC .  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

My Friday Five topic is Five Ways to Make Starbucks Healthier

Since I rarely cook or bake anything healthy or exciting, I decided to write about Starbucks.  I’m experienced in this area..

Healthy Starbucks sounds like an oxymoron but believe it is not, you can get your daily fix and not go out on a limb calorie-wise.

1. Order online using the App.

When you order using the app, besides not having to wait online, you can more easily customize what exactly you want.  There are customizations that you wouldn’t even know exist.  Less caffeine, less ice, sugar-free options, milk options, etc.

2. Skip the Whipped Cream.

I know that frappuccinos and lattes look and taste better but you can save 100 calories.  Instead add some cinnamon, chocolate or cinnamon powder on top.

foam, no whip

3. Skip the Sugar.

You can easily add the calorie-free syrups or artificial sweeteners.  I like to carry my own Truvia or Stevia with me.


light mocha

4. Substitute Soy or Coconut Milk.

ig starbux

iced chai tea latte with coconut milk

5. Add Protein Powder.

I love the chocolate banana smoothies.  I often have them before or after a run.  But you can add protein powder to any Starbucks drink. You can also add a banana.


I’m addicted to these.

Okay, you may be saying that that it is costly and everything you add costs extra. True.

But keep your eye out for afternoon half price specials and days when you get double stars, etc. Eventually you will earn a FREE drink. (That’s when I go for the Venti size!!)


Happy Running! Anyone else a Starbucks addict? Any other suggestions?


19 thoughts on “Friday Five: Healthy Starbucks

  1. I think in my life i have had maybe four drinks from there lol but I know plenty of addicts for sure! I like what I had there, but luckily there isn’t one that is an easy path for me to get to!


  2. I don’t have a SB near me, bummer right! But I did not know about the app and all the options you had. When I got SB with Holly she got hers with only 1/2 the syrup and it was wonderful to me. I’d like the coconut milk I think too. I’m not too disappointed we don’t have on here cause man at the money I’d do through! lol


  3. I treat myself to coffee out almost every Friday 🙂 I usually get the same thing–iced latte in the summer or hot latte in the winter, but sometimes I splurge and get something completely unhealthy-like today I got the sweet vanilla cream cold brew-and I enjoyed every minute of it!


  4. The skinny vanilla latte is my jam! I rarely get any of the frappucino type drinks bc of the calorie count. Love the idea of adding protein powder or a banana though. Hmm now I’m rethinking my normal order 😉


  5. The only thing I ever get at Starbucks in a cappuccino. Their drinks can be 400 or 500 calories, and I prefer eating my calories, not drinking them. I didn’t know you could order on line…. that option hasn’t made its way here yet. Then again, we don’t have too many Starbucks anyway.


  6. I love Starbucks and often have lots of gift cards to spend there, but I rarely go there anymore! I guess I just can’t justify the foofy drinks. But I love knowing there are healthier alternatives when I’m feeling like I want a little coffee treat!


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