Monday Running Update

mon r u
Last Week: 

  • Monday – Another Florida vacation day – running, playing tennis, tennis lessons then off to the beach.  Of course, we ate dinner out in another great restaurant.



  • Tuesday – We couldn’t have gotten luckier with the weather.  Yes, it was very hot and very humid but I loved it. Again. I got up early and went for a short run.


Today we played tennis but didn’t have a lesson.  Instead we went to the Naples Botanical Gardens followed by the beach.


so beautiful – I have to go back (maybe when it is cooler)


  • Wednesday – Last day of vacation.  I went for my last morning run.  Then we played tennis and I went for a long walk with a friend.  We packed and relaxed at the pool until it was time to leave.


We had a late flight home so ate dinner at the airport.

  • Thursday – Back to reality.  After 7 days in a row of running, I did not run today.  I did go for a walk at lunch.  I must have brought the Florida weather home with me because it was just as warm (but not as humid.)

tulips gone – time for irises

  • Friday – I missed my STEM runners so I planned to run with them after work instead of mah jongg. But they didn’t show 😦

afternoon walk to the park

  • Saturday – Off to Vermont to prepare for my half marathon.  As soon as I arrived, AJH & I headed out to the expo. Then we went out to lunch, walked around the waterfront and spent a relaxing evening at AJH’s.


  • Sunday – VCM relay – 20th half marathon done as the second half of a marathon. Proud to have finished upright in a puddle of sweat especially since it was cancelled due to extreme heat when I was only at mile 5.
Vermont City Marathon Relay - a HOT unofficial 2:33:55

Vermont City Marathon Relay – a HOT unofficial 2:33:55

26 miles done with 5 runs and 2 rest days.

This Week:  

  • Monday – day off – rest
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run or rest
  •  Wednesday STEM run, GOTR event
  • Thursday –  3 mile run
  • Friday – rest, packet pick up
  • Saturday – Freihofer 5K race
  • Sunday – rest, boating
Once again, I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races? Enjoy your Memorial Day!


14 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. 7 days in a row! that is why I love about vacation 🙂 My last vacation I didn’t get to run like I was used to. I can’t wait to read the recap about this hot half!


  2. Wow that is a lot of running. I pretty much took the week off. Over did it and my right calf is acting up, so I am being very reasonable before marathon training starts.
    Also, June 24th works for me !


  3. Well, I’m glad they didn’t arrest you for finishing the race anyway. LOL. After running in steamy FL, you probably thought it wasn’t that hot at all. 😉 I hope you get that boating in this weekend! Thanks for linking with us Darlene.


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