TOTR: Best Local Races

with Erika @ MCM Mama Runs,
Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is: Be our running concierge! Tell us the best races in your area/state. Any distance, any time of year.

Well, this is a real tough one for me.  I love racing.  I have run 195 races!!!

So I’ll just pick one at each distance and tell you when and where. You can contact me if you want more details.

  • Half Marathon

Walkway Half Marathon in Poughkeepsie, NY (mid June). You run over the largest pedestrian bridge, along a bike path and get a cool medal.



Walkway Half Marathon

  • 10 Miler:

Adirondack Distance Run in Lake George, NY (Late June). – You run along Lake George and end in Bolton Landing in a park on the lake.


  • 15k:

Stockade-athon in Schenectady, NY (Early November). – You run through the oldest parts of the city, through the park, bike path, etc. and finish with a downhill.


Stockadeathon-1049 unedited

  • 10K:

Spring Run-Off in Albany, NY (Late April/Early May).  You run on a flat course along the Hudson River.


  • 5 miler:

Delmar Dash in Delmar, NY ( Early April). You run through the neighborhoods on a very flat course.

delmar dash2

  • 4 Miler:

Polar Cap in Lake George, NY (Early February). You run a pretty but hilly course with views of the lake.


  • Large 5k:

Freihofer Run for Women in Albany, NY (Late May/Early June). You run with all women in the city and around the park, ending with a downhill.



  • Small 5k:

Bacon Hill Bonanza in Bacon Hill, NY (April). – You run a beautiful course in the country with great post-race refreshments.



Happy Running! What are some of the races that you recommend in your area??


16 thoughts on “TOTR: Best Local Races

  1. We have several great races. The Wilma Dash 5k is a women only race that is held in the evening with a great after party. We also have the Quintiles Half and Full Marathon races in March and they are terrific PR courses, being flat and fast.


  2. I didn’t mention the Firecracker 4. Other than having to get there so darn early because of parking, it’s a really fun race! Just registered yesterday.

    I haven’t done the new Freihofers course. It’s been a couple of of years since I ran it. We often seem to end up traveling around then.


    • I would do the Firecracker 4 if I didn’t have July 4th plans but I do. The new course just as a less steep hill for the beginning and end. Otherwise it’s basically the same….crowded but fun.

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  3. OMG you have run almost 200 races. What an accomplishment. Not sure if I will ever make it to upstate NY but if I do, you will be my first source of information !


  4. I knew you’d have a few recommendations for us! ; )
    I get emails for the Freihofer Run and I can never figure out where it is. I knew it wasn’t a Chicago race. Maybe they got my name from the NYCM mailing list. Thanks for linking!


  5. I’d love to run some of your races! I wrote a blog post a few months ago that highlighted my top 10 (I think) favorite races…I didn’t have time to find it this morning, so I failed to link it (my bad). That’s amazing you have run so many races…almost 200! I have no idea on what my race count is (though I do have all of my bibs). I did have a tally sheet at one time (with the numbers of each distance, etc.) but I have not updated it in a long time (another bad).


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