Runfessions May – the Vacation Edition

It’s that time again.  Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

My Naples, Fl. vacation was wonderful but

I runfess…

I am usually good about resting and taking care of my body but I RAN 7 DAYS IN A ROW during my vacation.  I couldn’t help it.  The freedom of not having to rush off to work…. Everyday I ran (though slow and with walk breaks) at least 3 miles in a different Naples neighborhood. I got up earlier than I do when I go to work (and of course, went to bed late every night so I am currently suffering from a vacation hangover!!!)





I runfess…

I recently suffered from tennis elbow.  The pain has left since I put new strings on my racquet but I was planning on being cautious.  Still I played tennis (doubles) for at least one hour 7 DAYS IN A ROW and also took a tennis lesson 4 of those days after playing doubles.  It was great.  It made me remember why I love the game.




I runfess…

All my healthy eating habits (did I have any??) went out the window.  Breakfast was oatmeal & tea and lunch was yogurt and fruit but we went out to dinner every night.  I had dessert…always.  It was worth every calorie.


shrimp & crab roll


shrimp & grits!


best key lime pie ever!


chocolate martini – yum!

I runfess…

I love the SUN!!!  I know it’s bad for your skin and ages you but I feel and look better with a tan.  (And yes, I do use sunscreen but only 15 SPF.)  At least I was blessed that I don’t burn easily. We went to the beach 6 times and the pool twice.  So happy was I!!!!!!!





the water was 85 degrees – heavenly

I runfess…

I have a half marathon tomorrow.  I did not do ANY long runs to train.  5 weeks ago I ran a half marathon and 3 weeks ago, I ran a 15k but that was it.  And while on vacation, I didn’t care.  I could have run.  I had the time.  It was hot & humid and I wanted to play tennis with my friends.  I will probably regret my lack of training.  Oh well.  Sometimes other things trump running.


late night at the Monkees concert


another late night – dinner at a comedy club


dinner & drinks at the Ritz to watch the sun set – the best time!!


boat ride to see the dolphins and we saw so many!!!!



even though the movie starred Ryan Gosling, it was awful


Naples Botanical gardens – so beautiful!!

Happy Running! Anything to runfess?  Do all your healthy routines vanish during vacations?


8 thoughts on “Runfessions May – the Vacation Edition

  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! I’m good at taking my rest days too but sometimes you have to take advantage of opportunities. I confess I love the sun too but starting to see some of its damage and wrinkles so I am going to try harder


  2. You and your friends packed in a lot during that vacation, and it all sounds awesome!! Glad you had such a wonderful trip. I think vacation eating is where you SHOULD try all the things; it’s part of the experience. 🙂


  3. But you ran 7 days in a row . . .

    I do love sun, but I burn easily so I’m careful. I do get tan because of running, despite sunblock, but I don’t try to tan.

    Last vacation was indulgent, this one not so much.


  4. Naples is such a beautify spot in Florida! I am glad you had such a good time while on vacation! Vacations are for eating & drinking 😊 No rules!


  5. This looks like a fun, fun trip! I run more often when I’m at the beach than anywhere else. It’s like I can’t help myself (and what else am I going to do each morning?). It also gives me an excuse to eat all the yummy seafood. I adore the sun. It gives me such energy and life. I am smarter these days too about sunscreen and SPF.


  6. No apologies needed for running every day! You had a beautiful place to do it. I runfess you put my vacations to shame! Can I just go with you?? Loved all the food, drinks and smiles! I can’t wait to be in some of your pictures later this year too!


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