Friday Five: Hot Races

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My Friday Five topic is Five Ways To Enjoy a Hot Half Marathon

Sunday will be my 20th half marathon but my first one without any long training runs.  The weather is also predicted to be very warm. So it will be tough but I hope to enjoy the race nevertheless.

1. Smile.

The photographer will not know that you are suffering and you will get nice race pics.

Eau Palm Beach Half
2. Forget about time.

Unless your are superwoman, it will not be a good one.


3. Wear Light Breathable Clothes

Even if you are chilly in the early morning pre-race hours, dress appropriately for the race.


4. Stop at Every Water Station (even if you’re not thirsty) or carry your own water.

5. Enjoy the Scenery…Walk when you have to.

You will get a medal no matter how long it takes you.

the lake is on the right

I intend to do all of the above this weekend.


From the VCM website:

With Sunday’s weather forecast calling for temperatures to reach the low 80s during the course of the 28th running of the People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon, race officials are adding additional relief effort and calling for assistance from the local community.

…The RunVermont team will be adding additional relief efforts along the course, including numerous misting stations, ice drops and roving ice patrols. Between mile 10 and mile 26, runners will encounter some form of aid at least every mile.

RunVermont also is reminding runners to look out for themselves and one another. According to the race’s Medical Coordinator, Denise Alosa, “the best defenses against heat-related issues will be to hydrate prior to race day and frequently during the race in modest quantities, and to adjust race-day expectations by slowing down and monitoring sweat output.  If runners aren’t sweating, they should immediately seek aid.”

… “We ask everyone along the course to ‘pitch in and hose down’ the runners.  Every little bit will help,” added Delaney. ..

Happy Running! Any other tips?


10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Hot Races

  1. Great tips! My very first half marathon was in September last year in Chicago & it was over 90 degrees. I was miserable to say the least. Never again will I train for a half during the summer!!


  2. LOVE number 5, so true ! I would also say wear a hat and sunscreen… 2 things I wish I had done during my last hot race. Good luck !


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