TOTR: My Running is______

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Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is What one word describes your running lately?

Hmmmm.  That’s a tough one.

But I would say Hopeful.

I don’t train well or do I train?

Since I don’t run any drills or do any speed work, my runs have been pretty slow!!

Plus I hadn’t done many short races all winter or fall.

Stockadeathon-1049 unedited

a 15k in November


a 10K and 5k on Thanksgiving Day

And I seemed to be always training for half marathons.  That means slow long runs on the weekend and easy weekday runs for fear of an injury messing up my big race.


an awfully sweaty half in December


January long run


a windy half in February


another long training run


a hilly half in March

Racing season in the Northeast has officially begun.  There are many races scheduled each weekend. Since I love to race, it’s hard for me to keep myself from registering for them.

The first one was a 5 mile race.  I was worried because I hadn’t run fast in so long….

Shamrock Shuffle

I was surprised with the results. A 46:28 finish and 3rd place AG award made me hopeful.

A week later, I ran a 5K. 5k races are even harder.  Again, it had been many months since I ran one so I didn’t know what to expect.

But I finished in 27:55 with a 1st place AG award.


Neither of these races were close to a PR and I may never get there again.  Also, I walked during both races.  I used to be able to run without walking. My endurance is gone and since I am still training for those half marathons, I don’t think it will return any time soon.

However, I am injury-free and I am hopeful for decent results in my spring races.

Alert: this post was written before my race last Sunday.  I was not pleased with how it went 😦

But I am still hopeful. 

Happy Running! How would you describe your running lately?


19 thoughts on “TOTR: My Running is______

  1. I’m sorry your race last Sunday didn’t go well. It’s easy to say you can’t win them all or not all can be great. But when it happens, it’s still disappointing. Good luck with this weeks runs and I am betting they will be good ones 🙂


  2. It’s weird, I had the subject I went with today written on my calendar. I guess I’d say consistent — we’ll have to see if I go with that next week!

    I was looking at my journal last night, and I’ve already run 3 9 mile long runs, planning on at least 2 10 milers before my half (yes, I’m counting last weekend as a 10 miler); haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll go to 12.

    I’ve been very lucky this winter, and I’m really thankful — my training was much more spotty due to family issues and sickness last year — and I still had a great spring half! So I guess you could say I’m hopeful too. 🙂


    • You are very consistent. I watch you run and you always look calm and seem to be at the right pace. I, on the other hand, pick my feet up and run fast and then drag my feet and run slow. Everyone is so different. I see some of the really fast older runners barely lift their feet and they are fast. So you may have the right thing going 🙂

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      • Ah, but then I’m chasing you. That makes a difference. On my own, I can be consistent, but sometimes I’m really all over the place, too.

        I kind of had an epiphany about the PT this morning. We did a gait analysis yesterday (and that will hopefully be my last time, although I’d actually probably love to go back!), and as I did my exercises this morning, I realized it’s not about changing your gait, it’s about strengthening your weak areas so that you naturally change your gait on your own.

        It’s just time consuming . . .


          • Well, I do something wonky with my right foot. He gave me some exercises to do with a band for my hips, but he could immediately see I was pointing my right foot out (like I do when I run). So instead of thinking (much) about that while I run, I’m working on pointing the foot in when I do the exercises, which should help.

            Although I’d have to do another gait analysis to know if it helped!


  3. I feel hopeful too…hopeful that I’ll continue to be able to run pain free and gradually increase my mileage without further injury issues.

    Sorry to hear that your race on Sunday wasn’t what you were hoping for. I often find that I need a little space to process my thoughts after a disappointing race…let myself be mad or sad for a bit and then figure out a way forward. ❤


    • I’m over it. It’s sad because it was an easy race. I guess sometimes maybe you try harder for the tougher ones. I hope you are pain-fre and have a great marathon!!!


  4. I think it’s important to be hopeful when it comes to running. If we have that hope that we will improve, then we keep working at it and progressing. I’m still hoping to get comfortable at a sub-10 minute pace!


  5. As long as you are out there, doing what you want to do, it is all good! Remain hopeful 🙂 I am trying to remain hopeful now, but it is challenging!


  6. First I have to say I love your tank in the Palm Beach race picture, that is just too cute, I would love a fun race tank like that:)
    Love the word Hopeful, sometimes even when we have a bad race, it’s best to look at and remain hopeful, it’s the best way to look at things in the glass half full way!!!


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