TT: Makeup On the Run?

The Tuesday Topic this week is: Makeup while running – yes or no?


Here’s the Makeup-related items that I wear when I run:

  • Foundation – because it hides flaws in your skin (bags under your eyes lol) but mostly since it’s contains SUNSCREEN.
  • Lipstick – I just always do wear it (for COLOR) but also because it contains sunscreen and prevents my lips from getting dry and cracked.
  • Earrings – Always, usually hoops.
  • Eyeliner & Mascara – rarely but sometimes. (Rarely because I wear sunglasses and no one sees my eyes)
  • Sunglasses – Almost Always – I wear Contacts and my eyes are sensitive to sun and wind.

I still follow the same above during the Pandemic because I run most days and I do have ZOOM meetings. (Can’t scare my co-workers and friends away!)

The only issue has been that when I wear a gaiter, it fogs up my sunglasses.  Sometimes I do wear my glasses instead of my contacts…SAME!! (Luckily I’m not blind without my glasses and I just shove them in my pocket.)

contactless run

I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner) and you should too.

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Happy Running! What about you? What do you wear on your face when you run? Or do you run au naturel? Please share.


39 thoughts on “TT: Makeup On the Run?

  1. Wow, you’re good, Darlene!
    I’m very minimalistic. I put on Nivea cream in the morning and that’s it…Unless the sun is out and then I use a sunscreen with a high (50+) protection.
    Since we’re all wearing masks, I have given up lipstick altogether. But of course, for Zoom meetings, a nice and bright lipstick makes sense – perhaps more than ever!

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    • I think I’m lazy. I just never remove my jewelry. I always have earrings in my ears.

      When I went to work, I would change my jewelry, wear different earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Now Nada. lol


    • Remember when I did work, I ran after work. I always wore makeup to work…now it’s just for ZOOM calls.

      Lipstick has just been a habit. I feel naked without color. (I forget that it’s not necessary when I wear a mask.)

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  2. Interesting to read Darlene! I don’t put on any makeup for early runs where I will shower right after, but definitely put on a little for races or Saturday group long runs. I hate when my mascara isn’t actually waterproof though and its a cold run where it smears all over, ha!


    • I wouldn’t put makeup on for early runs either. I usually run after work but lately at lunchtime. I don’t wear mascara that often because as you said, it can get pretty ugly when it runs.


  3. Even though most of my runs are in the early hours, the eyeliner & lipstick (and usually small earrings) are a most. Heck, that’s when I’m looking the scariest (right outta bed), and no one needs to see it LOL

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  4. I’m a morning runner and there is no makeup going on. Since the pandemic I’ve gotten away from wearing lipstick and earrings. Other than a watch and sometimes my wedding ring, I haven’t been wearing jewelry. Ugh.

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    • When I run in the morning which is rarely but I hope to change that when it warms up, it would be zippo in the make-up compartment.

      And my poor jewelry box is lonely. I wear the same old same old.


  5. I don’t wear makeup while I run – I sweat a lot so I’d probably end up looking like a mess! I should wear sunscreen more frequently though!

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  6. I don’t wear makeup when I run since it sometimes clogs my pores or irritates my skin. I do always wear SPF and sunglasses! In winter I’ll use lipbalm.

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  7. My fog free lenses were the best body purchase in these crazy times, they’re not perfect but they’re better.
    You will probably never see me in makeup.


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