TOLT & My February Recap

It’s already March 4 and I have been delinquent about recapping the month of February.

So here’s how things went…

Weekday Runs:

The weather got colder, windier and snowier (still no big storms) but I still was able to run 2-3 times each week.





Long Runs:

I started out the month with a half marathon. Then in preparation for my upcoming half marathon, I continued to run higher mileage on the weekend.




The first long run was a solo one and for the last two, I had company.  Definitely enjoyed the last two much more!

Total Mileage:

 90 miles this month!

Much less than last month (11 miles less) but there was tapering, half marathon recovery, frigid weather and I had a cold.


+3 this week (leap year!!)

Actually this month’s total is more normal for me with regard to monthly running mileage.


I only ran ONE race (yes, that is odd for me) and it was the Sarasota Music Half Marathon. I loved everything about the race except for the cold, windy weather. 



But I was still pleased with my time.

Cross Training:

I continued to play tennis one night a week.


indoors until June.

I DID NOT go to a single yoga class!! I planned to but something usually got in the way.  Next month, I promise!


I started to walk a little more at work (indoors around the building and to Starbucks and back)


pretty boring walking in circles but better than sitting all day


I think I’m addicted!!

Other News:

I am still working on that scarf. Someday I may finish it.

I spent an awesome 6 days on the Gulf coast of Florida. The weather was not ideal but the company made up for it.  I love my friends!!



img_8468 img_8469

My friends got together for a coloring book party.  It was a lot of fun.


And there were quite a few reasons to celebrate.


Valentine’s Day


a friend’s birthday


3 months until Memorial Day on the lake

I joined the 100 Half Marathon Club. I don’t know if I’ll ever reach 100. (I’ve only run 17 and I am 62.) But I’ll have fun trying.  And I don’t have to travel to all 50 states.  

I won a running belt in a giveaway. I’m looking forward to wearing it in a race.


Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

I am training for another half marathon in March. It’s a hilly one but such an important cause!!


March 13, 2016

I have been busy registering for some spring races:

  • 3-20-16 – Shamrock Shuffle 5 miler
  • 3-26-15 – a few possibilities
  • 4-03-16 – Delmar Dash 5 miler
  • 4-09-16 – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  • 4-30-16 – Spring Run Off 10k
  • 5-01-16 – Cherry Blossom 5k
  • 5-07-16 – Mastodon Challenge 15k
  • 5-08-16 – Mother’s Day 5K (for GOTR)
  • 5-14-15 – a few possibilities
  • 6-04-16 – Freihofer’s Run for Women

There will be more…

I signed up to be a Girls on the Run (GOTR) Running Buddy again.


No monthly goals.

my motto for 2016

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Happy Running! How did your February turn out?  Anything exciting planned for March?  What are y0u thinking about this Thursday?


14 thoughts on “TOLT & My February Recap

    • Maybe but I always run more miles after my races so we can still meet. For example, on March 26, I may do the race at Corning so we could be after. You’re not rid of me yet.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not until the summer. Then I’ll be running with USAFit again (since my friend, who I can never get to come run with us, says she definitely plans to do it again).

        But we could meet during the week sometimes like we did last summer.

        You if you joined you’d have people who would actually run your pace, but of course then you couldn’t afford all.the.races. 😉


        • I go boating on the weekends from May-Oct and USAFit runs on Saturdays. So it wouldn’t work for me. I like the Freihofer & Turkey Trot groups and they are much cheaper.

          Yes, of course, we can meet at the Crossings and run in the early evening.


  1. Sounds like a great month! My long runs with friends tend to go better too, but I do like to mix it up with some solo long runs for contemplation time. And I love that you guys had a coloring book party. One of my friends did this earlier this year and I really enjoyed it.


  2. Lots of races on your schedule in the upcoming months. I am impressed ! Glad to know you are feeling well, sounds like it was a great month (but then again, any month with some Florida time has to be great!)


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