Girls on the Run 5K Race & Long Run Recap


November 21, 2015 – 9:30 am- Corning Preserve

I was running this race for many reasons:

1. GOTR is a great organization.  I was a GOTR running buddy in the spring and I was happy to support them again.


GOTR participants in a May 2015 5k

2. The STEM runners were running their first 5k. I volunteered to help Kelly train for this race.

STEM participants in a previous 5k

3. Several people where I work were also running their first 5k. They claim that I motivated them to run so of course, I had to be there.

4. My running friends Barbara & Judy are also running this race. It’s nice to know people to hang out with before & after a race.


with Barbara on the same course but back in May


with Judy in March

4.  I love to race.  This is a flat course and one where someone could PR.  I have also gotten a AG award every time I’ve run on this course. But I guess it would be selfish of me to try.


Laurie on the right was also going to be at the race.

5.  I had to run 12 miles today in preparation for my Dec 6 Half Marathon.  The Corning Bike Path is a perfect place to extend my miles from 3 to 12.

nice river views

So I arrived early to a crowd of excited runners – young and old.


I parked in the parking lot that was farther away and walked to the start.

It was cold.  I had better get used to this weather because it’s only going to get worse.

I wore layers which I shed before the race. I knew that I would be cold waiting to begin but fine once I started running.


I immediately bumped into Kelly who was, of course, nervous about her first 5K.  As soon as I talked to her, I knew that I had to run with her and encourage her.  This is what running is all about.  Not PRs.

Every time, I turned around, I saw someone that I knew.

I chatted with Judy, Laurie & Barbara.

But unexpectedly, I saw 3 ladies from last fall’s STEM program  They were still running and I was so happy to see them again. One runner, Kim, just ran the Stockadeathon and is thinking of a half marathon in the spring.

I also saw Judith who is GOTR running buddy, Elenora, a fellow SkirtSports ambassador and several others that I knew.


Kelly & moi

After we took lots of photos, it was time to line up.


GOTR runners

The GOTR runners, their coaches and running buddies lined up first. Everyone followed.

Needless to say, it was very slow going for the first 1/2 mile.

But we had perfect weather. What seemed to cold at the beginning, warmed up.  I shed my gloves & tied my jacket around my waist. (Overdressed again!)

Kelly, a few other STEM volunteers and I chatted the whole race.  Kelly never walked or even seemed to struggle.  We ran at around an 11 min pace which was faster than Kelly was used to. It was so great to see her run well and to be a part of it.

As soon as she saw the finish line, she took off.  She finished at 34;XX and I know she was thrilled…so much faster than she expected.


on the front & back of our Mizuno jackets and these runner really ARE!

I am glad that I didn’t run ahead and try to PR.  This experience was much more rewarding!!

After I was done, I hung out with Judy and Barbara and watched the others finish.

Everyone crossed the finish line so happy and so proud of themselves.


Finally my co-workers crossed….crying!! They had finished their first 5K…something they had thought was impossible.  It brought me to tears, as well.


posted on FB

I was so engrossed in the finishers that I forgot to get water or something to eat after the race. (I guess that was OK since I didn’t really expend a lot of energy during the race.)

Even though, this was one of my slowest finish times, I am glad that I participated in the race.


Afterwards, Barbara was nice enough to keep me company as I needed to get some more miles done.


as you see, I got rid of my gloves, jacket & hat

She is great to run with because she keeps me moving.  The next four miles were definitely faster than the first 3 and much much faster than the solo miles to follow. We ran in the opposite direction from the race course and then turned around and followed the course again.

But after 4 miles, she left me to my own devices.

I decided to run back to my car, get my baseball cap, shed my half zip and add back the green windbreaker.


lots of geese

Then I ran the race course again but continued on beyond it before I turned around.


trees are so barren

These miles were TOUGH!! I was tired but I think my lack of energy was from my lack of food & water.  What kept me going was the decision to turn back, cross the bridge and run into the city and go to Cider Belly Donuts. (They are supposedly the BEST and last time, I ran there, I didn’t have any money to buy one.)


So over the bridge, I dragged myself even though I already already completed my 5 miles (bringing me to my planned 12 mile total for the day.) And when I arrived…


Royal bummer!!!

What did I do?  Settled for second best…


skinny peppermint mocha & sandwich)

Luckily, Starbucks was across the street.

When I was done, I was so chilled that I had to sprint the 1/2 mile back to my car.

Yes, 13 (broken up) miles for the day!!

Happy Running! Did you race or run this past weekend?  Ever run a race just to help someone else?











10 thoughts on “Girls on the Run 5K Race & Long Run Recap

  1. I would have been heartbroken to see the All Sold Out sign too. Glad they had Starbucks close by as an alternative. Congrats on pacing your friend in her first 5k. Helping others during a race can be just as much fun as racing by yourself for a PR.


  2. I love it! Congrats to all the first time finishers 🙂 It is so nice you ran and paced someone else 🙂 It is very rewarding to be there for support ! I enjoyed staying with hubby for our event. You deserved a treat after all that!


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