Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Races, Runs, Thanksgiving, etc.

thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

  • Two More Long Runs before my next half marathon (on Dec 6.)

It seems like I was just getting ready for run my last one (Oct 10) and now, my next one is almost here.  How did that happen?

So this weekend, my run will be 12 miles! My longest distance before the race.

Although I’ve finished 15 half marathons, I still worry about completing the distance.  I also struggle when I run alone. So I’m not looking forward to it.

Then next weekend, there’s just 8 miles.

  • Two More Races before my next half marathon

first annual – 11-21-15

I have a 5k this weekend.  Normally, I would pass on this one because of the long run mentioned above. But I have been involved in this organization so I want to support them. The girl that I am training and all the others in the STEM program) are running their 1st 5k. Some of my co-workers are running their first 5k too.

Yup, I gotta do this race.

Do I race it?

Or swallow my pride and help the others finish?


I am looking forward to this 10k on Thanksgiving.  Since I started running, I’ve almost always (except 2008 & 2012) run a race on Thanksgiving morning.  It’s the best part of the holiday (and I love food!!)

I used to run the local 5ks but last year I joined a training group for the 10k. I enjoyed it so I joined the same group this year. I PRed at last year’s race but I don’t think I’ve been as dedicated to my training so we will see what happens.


yes, it snowed last year. Hopefully not this year.

I am also toying with running the 5k after the 10k race.  The 10K is at 8 am and the 5k at 10 am.  The 5k is the big race – thousands run it. I have friends running the 5k so it might be fun to run this one just for fun.  I am already there and dressed to run.

What do you think?

  • Then there’s Thanksgiving...

I LOVE Thanksgiving food…

What I miss most is cooking my favorite recipes….squash leek soup, stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce and homemade pumpkin pie.


double yum

My husband’s family is complicated.  Mine is non-existent.  So this year, we’re on a wait and see what my MIL is planning.  We may just go to a restaurant and then visit her or friends for dessert after.

What are you planning?  Are you running a Turkey Trot?  Are you cooking?

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?  Please Share.





15 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Races, Runs, Thanksgiving, etc.

  1. I’m hoping I can a) find a local Turkey Trot near where we’ll be for Thanksgiving, or b) that there will at least be a good place to run nearby so I can counteract all the mashed potatoes and pie.


  2. I love Thanksgiving and food and turkey trot races! I think the idea of doing the 10K first then the 5K for fun with friends sounds like the perfect stretch out run after your race. I mean, you are already up and dressed and parked and there … you may as well do both 🙂 Happy TOLT!


  3. I checked out your link on the STEM program you’re involved with… what a fabulous program!! I would be so wonderfully emotional when they crossed that finish line!! And so very happy for them!! That’s going to be a fabulous day and race for you! As for the two races back to back… yes, go for it! Why not?!! 🙂


  4. No Turkey trot races here… France doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I had a race this coming Sunday, but has been cancelled because of the terrorist attacks. I have no other race on my schedule for a while, but I need to find one. I have several long runs coming up and would prefer to combine it with a race.


  5. I’m going to echo everyone and say do both races 🙂 Aaaand then enjoy some -amazing- Thanksgiving food. I’m kind of jealous over here — we had our Thanksgiving last month, and I missed out on it because my parents were in the middle of a move and everyone was too tired to put anything together. Maybe I’ll celebrate with you guys.


  6. I did 2 5 mile runs this week so after the race I am done — sorry! But I would say that you don’t need to run 12. 10 would be fine. Especially considering racing is harder than an actual long run. But hey, that’s me.

    And I would differ from everyone and say a 10k & a 5k the week before your half is too much, but hey, again, that’s me & you know I’m cautious like that.

    As long as my training went reasonably & I’m not injured, I do not worry about not finishing. Of course I know it’s not a given, anything can happen over the course of 13.1, but I’m confident.

    If I’m injured, it’s a very different story.


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