Being off from work for more than a weekend is very strange for me. I am not used to having so much free time and yet, not getting things done.

Reading…. I want to see Unbroken tomorrow in the theaters so I am trying to finish the book. (I doubt I will finish, though.)

Watching… I heard this show was good and I am binge watching all the episodes to catch up. So far, I am enjoiying it and I think I am hooked.

Drinking I have fallen in love with herbal teas.

Eating… out a lot.


lots of holiday and birthday celebrations


Anticipating the Hangover Half Marathon on New Year’s Day…but only as a training run but still nervous.


Wishing for  Seasonally warm temps and DRY weather… no snow, ice or rain so I can run outdoors.


Yay! Clear path.

Seeing next week… Going to MoMA in NYC to see…

and seeing the decorations that I missed on my last visit.

Loving... that I do not have to go to work and can RUN any time I want and do whatever whenever. I may even hit the gym.


have to finish knitting this scarf by tomorrow!


Feeling… Anxious. I am always nervous about running a half marathon especially a destination race where I don’t know anyone.

West Palm beach, here I come!

Happy Running?  What are you currently….?


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