Year of Running 2014

It’s that time again–time to look back at how my year of running has gone. Miss Zippy has posted this the past three years and each year, the response has grown.

How you play along:

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  • Best race experience?

Well, with over 30 races this year, it is hard to pick one…so I won’t.

The Best Destination Race was the Mayor’s Wellness 10 miler in Palm Springs, CA.  It was my first 10 miler but it was awesome because of the scenery and running with my good friend, Mary.


The Best Short Race was the Bacon Hill Bonanza 5K. This was a new race and it was also very scenic. I met Hollys who influenced me to join a training group. And I also won an apple pie for 1st in my AG. I loved the course so much that I ran 3 more miles there after the race.

5k - 28:56

The Best Long Race was the Adirondack Distance Run 10 Miler. I’ve wanted to run this race for several years but something always got in the way.  It is very scenic (but hilly) and ends at the marina where we keep our boat so my hubby & boating friends were waiting for me at the finish line. And since it ends on the beach, you can soak your feet in the lake after the race.


  • Best run?

Actually my races are always more enjoyable than my runs but I have had a few enjoyable ones such as:

in Peebles State Park – I just discovered this area, the park has trails with views of the river & waterfalls.  Nearby is a lock and there are many bridges to run over.



along the Schroon River I have a tennis friend who owns a house in Chestertown and when we go up to play tennis, I love to go out and run.  I have discovered many different routes in the area with views of the river and lakes.


and along the ocean in Florida – I love the ocean and the warm climate of Florida in the winter.  I was fortunate to visit some friends and be able to run everyday to views of the ocean.


  • Best new piece of gear?  

This a tough one also.  It is either my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s because my feet don’t hurt and I have gotten a few PRs wearing them

Run for the Roc - September

Or a new running skirt that is very comfortable and have gotten many compliments on it.


it says RUN RUN RUN in different shades of purple

  • Best piece of running advice you received?

It was probably from my coach Patrick during our Turkey Trot Training Group runs.  He kept telling to embrace the hills and repeat “I Love Hills.”  I think it has made me into a stronger runner and now I try to run up the hills rather than whine & walk up them. He also instilled in us about the importance of speed drills.  We did them once a week.  I PRed at 4 distances so I guess they do work.

  • Most inspirational runner? 

Back for a repeat performance is AJH from Age Groups Rock.  She continues (at my age) to compete in triathlons (even after a disastrous experience in one.)  I have watched her in a duathlon and she is one fierce biker.


  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Healthy. Successful.

Happy Running!  Feel free to answer one or more of these questions in a comment.


6 thoughts on “Year of Running 2014

  1. Ok, you ran my favorite race distance (10-miler) in two of my favorite locations: Adks and Palm Springs–lucky girl! Love AJH, too. Thanks for linking up.


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