Beaten by a 10 year in his first race

It was nice that the race photographer captured my loss:


Yes I did lose to the cocky kid but finished in 29:49 and I won FIRST PLACE in my age group. (He only got 3rd.)




Happy Running!  Did you ever race anyone to the finish line?



7 thoughts on “Beaten by a 10 year in his first race

  1. I’m convinced kids don’t feel pain! I’ve been passed by kids before too! In my last race I sprinted to the end and passed a woman that looked to be in my age division. Turns out she won 1st place for the 25-29 age group. I had just moved to the 30-34 age group two weeks prior 😦 so close!


  2. Kids are fast! And they don’t have the wear & tear we’ve sustained over the decades. You should be very proud of a 1st AG – I was 94/111 for my race! At least I wasn’t last for my age. Could always be worse!


  3. LOL! I seem to always find someone to target to “beat” although at least half of the time they have more gas in the tank at the end and they beat me. Kids will always get you with a big speed burst at the finish! Congrats on your first place finish!! And thanks for linking up with us on Tuesdays on the Run!


  4. Ha ha!! This is why I avoid 5K’s….too painful and oh-so-humbling LOL I have placed in a token few, but they have been small events on especially hot (or cold) days. Congrats to you on your first place finish!!


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