Another weekend, another race


Yup, that’s me.

I’ve run a race almost every weekend since March 30:

And I love it!

ME on page 2

Why do I race so much?

  • Racing keeps me running. I know that I cannot slack off. If I do, then the race will be painful (physically and mentally).
  • I usually run alone and when I run a race, I see and meet other runners. So much more enjoyable.
  • I am competitive so when I run a race, I don’t stop and walk as much and I run faster.
  • I only get that runner’s high when I cross a finish line.

Lighthouse 5K


So this weekend, I have a 5k – Strawberry Festival 5K. Supposed a fast course so I hope to have a better time than last weekend. (But you never know.)

The problem with racing every week:

  • It’s gets expensive.
  • You miss out on social activities with family and friends
  • You skip long training runs.
  • You cannot adequately prepare for a longer distance race.

Yes, and I have a 10 mile race coming up that I am NOT prepared for.  Gulp!

Happy Running! Have you ever run a long race that you hadn’t trained for?


7 thoughts on “Another weekend, another race

  1. I’ve not trained adequately for either of my last two marathons. I had glandular fever (mono) form January to March this year and ran a marathon in early April. I really struggled to do the long runs as I just wasn’t well enough. I was running so well for the first half of the marathon that I thought I might get a PB, but at about 17 miles, I started to feel tired and by 21 miles, I was done… but I did manage to finish the race, and it wasn’t too awful (4:38, so 9 minutes slower than my PB).

    I’m really lucky that I live near to several parkruns – they’re free timed 5k events that take place in various locations around the world. They take place every Saturday morning at 9am, so I get my racing fix then and don’t have to fork out every week. I think there are just three events in USA 😦


  2. That has to be a good time! I’d be scared at some point of injury, but it’s no different than speedwork. 🙂

    I didn’t really prepare for the first two half marathons I ran this year. I ran them both as *long runs*, and finished just fine; but of course, no PRs.


  3. I hear you on it being expensive but i am the same as you, by committing to a race it means i will run, perhaps you should taper off and book longer races once a month?


  4. wait, how did i NOT know that you had a blog?! ahhh so sorry! glad to have found it and will certainly be reading you! you’re amazing with all these races!


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