My birthday week

There will be a whole lot of eating going down:

  • Tuesday: dinner out with BFF
one of my local favs

one of my local favs

  • Friday: dinner out with co-workers (MY BIRTHDAY)

eat free on your b-day – can’t beat that

  • Saturday: lunch out with mentee and sons

  • Sunday: dinner out with hubby

on Lake George – always wanted to go here

  • Wednesday or Thursday: dinner out with tennis friends in Florida

Turtle Club for sunset

I guess I better squeeze in some running between my meals.

  • Wednesday: run before yoga
  • Thursday: run sometime during the workday??
  • Friday: run sometime during the workday

  • Sunday – 5K race or maybe the 10K


May 11. 2014

  • Tuesday: run sometime during the workday

One problem…the weather 😦


this does not make me happy especially Sunday!!

Happy Birthday! How do you usually celebrate your birthday?



13 thoughts on “My birthday week

  1. Friday is my birthday too! I’ll be going out to dinner with my fiance, and then Saturday morning I’m running a 5k, and we’re having a Cinco de Mayo themed party on Saturday night 😀 Hope you have a great birthday week!


  2. Sounds like you have a great week planned! Happy birthday! Just think of me out there running 10 miles on it (and right now really hoping that rain forecast is in the evening, not during the day).


  3. Happy birthday. Looks like you did a lot of good things. I don’t know which race I would recommend the most….probably the one I just did. Any on the ocean.


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