Things Happen For a Reason

When I planned our annual tennis trip last fall, I thought Mother’s Day was May 6 so being away May 8-15 wouldn’t be a problem.

On Mother’s Day:

  • I run one of my favorite races: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
  • I celebrate my birthday.
  • I go to the annual Tulip Fest in Washington Park.

Guess what?  I am missing Mother’s Day this year.

Not to worry…

They moved the race. It is no longer run nearby.

  • I am injured and not running 😦
  • The race is not in Delmar as it had been for 31 years.  They used to give away awesome schwag but the sponsorship has changed also.
  • I will celebrate my birthday with Anna & my hubby on May 6 and then on May 9 with my friends in Florida.
  • Due to the warm winter, the tulips will most likely be gone by May 13.   I have already seen them several times in full bloom last week:

So things happen for a reason

(Maybe I broke my ankle so that _(fill-in-the blank: I could start knitting, cook dinner every night, spend more time with my hubby, become a biker, do some cross training, spend my race entrance fees on PT co-pays OR come back a stronger runner!)

Happy Running!

5 thoughts on “Things Happen For a Reason

  1. Yes, things happen for a reason: I broke my femur for the reason I am stupid!!!!
    I am glad you have positive thoughts about your injury: you are an inspiration.
    I love the tulips, when I used to go to Amsterdam for work I always brought home some bags of seeds.
    Great pictures.


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