My First Un-Race

Right before my injury, I paid for this race:

The normal registration price is $40 so I wanted to take advantage of the early discount of $25.  And since this is one of my favorite races, I decided to splurge and buy the medal.

This would have been my FIFTH Freihofer’s Run for Women – the race that I’ve run the most.

the 2011 running group and then some

So…… I hope to be walking without pain by then… (21 weeks post surgery…maybe even running a few steps?????)

Do I bite my tongue and do it as a WALK or Un-Race?? And get my first Freihofer’s medal for a finish of more than 60 minutes?? (Last year the slowest was 75 min so I hope to beat that.)

Suzy wearing last year’s tech shirt

Sure…why not?  I paid for it and I ‘ll get a cool tech tee-shirt and chocolate chip cookies.  Next year I will try to beat my 28:14 finish time.

Happy Running!  Have you ever walked a whole race?

7 thoughts on “My First Un-Race

  1. I walked the Jingle Bell Run for arthritis foundation one time. It is no fun being the last one across the finish line and having everyone waiting for you so they can pack up and go home. I’ve never done another Race. I’d rather walk at my own pace and stop and take pictures along the way!


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