My 2 Year Blogoversary

Two years ago today,  I wrote my first blog post ( and decided to start running.  There have been ups and downs but mostly ups.

  • My posts are more creative and informative (even include pics)
  • My Blogroll has grown tremendously.
  • I even have a few people reading my blog now.
  • I enter giveaways and have even won 4.
  • I joined a gym and run on the treadmill during the colder months.
  • I have run 32 5k races.
  • I track my running on
  • I use Nike+ on my ipod nano to track how far I’ve run (& the calories I’ve burned)
  • I’ve increased my distance (even ran/walked 10k)
  • I decreased my 5k srace time from 37:36 to 29:30
  • I ran a race when it was 9 degrees outside
  • I got profiled on the Freihofer’s Run for Women blog
  • I now own running outfits
  • I subscribe to Runner’s World magazine
  • I even run during vacations.
  • I plan social activities around running (ie “Sorry, I can’t meet til 6:30, I have to get a run in first” or “I can’t have a glass of wine, I have a race tomorrow“)

  • I’m not as excited about tennis as I used to be (and don’t play as often)
  • I gave up learning to play golf (wasn’t that good anyway)
  • I haven’t run a race longer than 3.5 miles yet.
  • I still don’t train well (walk when I get tired although during a race I don’t).
  • I wonder how long my old knees will hold up.
  • I have been unsuccessful in motivating my hubby or my tennis friends to run.

Happy Running & Happy Blogging!

4 thoughts on “My 2 Year Blogoversary

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