Frigid Friday

Yes, this is what I saw this morning on the ground!! Not a lot and it is probably melted already since it is sunny.

I played tennis indoors at 7am and there was no heat …brrrrrrr! It’s supposed to go down to the teens tonite!!!

Is it really April next week??

I may have to re-think my running outfit for tomorrow.

Thanks to Mel for reminding me that my 5k race tomorrow counts for Tall  MomVirtual Race for the Cure!

Happy Running!

2 thoughts on “Frigid Friday

  1. Darlene — I hope your virtual race went well — looking forward to the race report.
    I really want to say thank you for your very generous donation to me and the Girls on the Run program. I am really getting excited about my marathon now — since I have something special to motivate me towards the finish line. Thank you for believing in me and the GOTR program. I really think it is a wonderful program and wish I would have had something available to me as a young girl. I was really shy (believe it or not!) and didn’t like trying new things. I could’ve really used this program to build my self-confidence. Thanks for helping make a huge difference in these girls’ lives!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!


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