Fasig-Tipton 5K


At least I got to the race early but I didn’t think it would be a good one – it was hot…I bought new ear buds and an armband band for my iPod… both were uncomfortable…I had a stomach ache from Indian food eaten the day before…my shorts were too tight..wah..whah..whah.. (done whining!)

The race started at the same place as the Silks & Satins 5k but went in the opposite direction.  I started near the start and was quickly passed by most of the runners. The course was  hillier than I expected with no mile markers at all.

I was tired and walked for a while at the water stop – probably the halfway point and had no energy at the end so I couldn’t believe when I crossed the finish line – it said 29:30!! My fastest ever!  I think I’ll buy the photo (there was a photographer at the finish line) in case I never run that fast again.

me crossing the finish line

They gave away bag chairs as prizes but the age divisions were by 10 years – no chance for me.

I’m taking a break.  My next race is not until Aug 29.

One thought on “Fasig-Tipton 5K

  1. Hi Denise! Congratulations on your finish! I didn’t know that was your fastest time – you looked like a pro! Glad I was there with the camera! Hmmm…maybe I’ll have to swap out which photo I have on MY Fasig-Tipton post!!! See you at another run soon – when you smash that 29 minute mark! -Greg


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