Jailhouse Rock 5K


This week, I got up earlier and arrived at the race on time – found a great parking spot and had time to spare.  It was a cool sunny morning.  I met 2 nice people with the same philosophy of running as me – sign up for 5k races to motivate oneself to run in between.  I also met 2 people whom I work with.  I had no idea they ran and are beginners like me and love races. 

The race started at the top of a hill so the end was a steep decline.  There were no people timing the 1 or 2 miles pts so I had no idea my pace.  I was tired at half-way but finished strong.  Unlike the others, I was afraid to run fast down the hill, afraid I would fall on my face so I was holding myself back. 

My iPod said I finished at 30:49 but I started with a colleague and not as close to the starting line as I should have.  My official finish was 31:04. 

When I looked at the results page, I noticed that I came in FIRST in my age group!! A first for me and I didn’t even stay for the awards ceremony. 




My Prize

My Prize



My next race is back in Saratoga next Saturday. Since I was in Bolton Landing today – I did my usual morning Sagamore 3 mile run.  I love it – wish I could always be on vacation and on my boat on Lake George!!

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