Runfessions January

This month I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions.  This my first Runfessions post.  Maybe I will continue to do this monthly.

This month, my races have gone pretty well – 2 half marathons, a 10k & a 15k.

But here are my Runfessions:

1. I have been skipping some of my week day runs 


pretty to look at but not to run on.

or cutting them short.


1.7, really?

I try to run every other day but this weather is getting to me.  It’s not the cold but the ice and snow.  And I hate the treadmill. I need to get on track or this will be a long winter.

2. I make excuses for going to the gym or to yoga.

I have not been even once.  The excuses are NOT good ones – too tired, have to go to the library, too lazy to change into my clothes, hungry, etc.


this bad has been sitting on my floor at work for weeks

3. I have been eating ice cream again.

Since I started running, I have gained 10 lbs.  I’ll contribute 5 to aging but the other 5 need to go.  Most people will say “You look fine.”  But those of you who have always been thin will understand when I say “I am fat for me.”

So I stopped buying ice cream.  But the other night while watching TV, I said to my hubby “I want ice cream!” And the creep went out and bought some.  (I think was because he wanted some too.)

Freihofer's Run for Women 2009
I have since given away all my shorts (because they no longer fit) and have bought skirts.

W. Palm Beach Half Marathon
4. Yesterday I ran in 2 different socks.

Not a big deal.  But I pride myself in being matchy matchy.   But it was still dark in the morning when I packed my bag and gray and light blue looked the same.

5.  I hesitate running new routes because I am directionally challenged.  Yeah, I get lost easily (even in my own neighborhood.)


I was headed out Thursday to run on one of my usual routes. It was 30 degrees (a heat wave from the -30 it was last night) and we were in between snowstorms. Then I noticed that my Clif Bar sent me the above message.

So I drove to UAlbany where I heard that Perimeter Rd was clear of snow.  And it was clear.  Even though, the route goes in a circle around the campus, I was still worried about getting lost. (Thankfully I didn’t.)


6.  Every now and then I consider registering for a full marathon but I freeze. Part of me wants to do ONE just to say I did.  But I worry about the time commitment, the training and my fitness.

If I did one, it would have to flat and take place in early May or in a warm climate in early winter.

I think I would do it I had some to share the training and motivate me through it. But I don’t. (Any volunteers?)

7. I don’t stretch or foam roll or do anything.

I don’t even own a foam roller.

I know it’s bad. I know I should. But I never do. (Unless I am with a group and everyone is.)

But I am always stretched (pun) for time.

I just change my clothes, go outside, start to run, stop, go inside, change my clothes.

And that’s how I roll (another pun).

8.  I wear my running clothes more than once.

I’ll preface that with the fact that I do not sweat. (Unless it is 95% humidity in the summer).  Especially in the winter.  I just do the sniff test and put them back in my bag for another run.


these have probably been worn several times

I would be really embarrassed to tell you how many times the clothes that I keep at work have been worn to run on the treadmill. (I think I should bring them home and wash them next week.)

Well, that’s it for now.

Happy Running!  Have any Runfessions to share?