Weekly Run Down for 2.27.23-3.5.23: Taking a Break


Not the kind I planned.


Last Week:

No running… but:

  • Teaching live rather than remotely for 3 days. 1 day (Wed, Thurs, Fri the other days got cancelled due to snow)

so prefer live as opposed to remote teaching even if I had to stand all day with a broken foot

  • Dinner out with my tennis friends. (Thurs)

❤ our monthly dinners

  • Hosting mah jongg. (Fri) (cancelled due to the weather)

Sat. AM

  • Brunch with my running friends. (Sat postponed until Sunday)


  • Squeezing in time on the stationary bike (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat)

another great podcast… Cari & I met her in Bermuda in 2020,

tennis player turned runner (can relate there) who specializes in treating runners with injuries (in NYC)

  • Mall walks (Mon & Tues)

Thanks for the reminder, Virgin Pulse… 

This Coming Week on the Run– 

More of the same.

  • Some walking?
  • Some stationary biking?
  • Another DNS. Electric City 10k.
  • Brunch with my running friends.

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – International Women’s Day (Older women runners whom I admire)
  • Friday – 5 Things I Enjoy When Not Running

need to re-adjust my 1000 mile annual mileage goal, I guess! Jan=93, Feb =36

Happy Running! How is your year of running so far? Training for any winter big races?  Podcast recommendations? Please share.






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24 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 2.27.23-3.5.23: Taking a Break

    • I hadn’t had time to listen to many podcasts before so now I’m catching up.

      The foot WILL heal… just not fast enough.


    • The bike is boring but it’s better than nothing.

      Horrible weather week in the Northeast. But if I could, I’d be outside running with my friends.


  1. I know that “looking at other runners” feeling well.

    Have you thought about using the Peloton app on the bike? Even if you don’t follow along with the cues, the instructors and music will entertain you! Cody has a whole series that’s done like a talk show with a “celebrity” riding side-by-side.

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  2. Oh how I feel your pain! I remember when I was sidelined with my knee recovery in the summer of 2017…I wanted to smack EVERYONE who was whining about running the heat, LOL. Have you tried doing intervals on the bike? That might be an option for mixing it up a bit, and the time would go a lot faster.

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  3. Well, at least you had horrible weather this week! It would be harder to not run if the weather were beautiful, right? I know the bike is seriously boring- podcasts definitely help. The one about coping with injuries sounds perfect. All the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately are about trail or ultra running, so you may not be interested. The other thing is, sometimes I just need music instead of a podcast to get me through it (that’s what I did on my stair climber day this week.) You’ll get through this!

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    • Nothing important was canceled except for running. And that was not due to the weather obviously.

      I do hope the snow does melt and we’re done with snow for the season.

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    • Yes. All you can do is take it da by day.

      I’m not thrilled by snow. I was as a kid and teacher because schools were closed.


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