Delmar Dash Race Recap

It is nice to run a race that is only 10 minutes from your house.

This is my 8th time running this race. In 2017, my back was bothering me so I didn’t run it and in 2012, I had a broken ankle. Then with the Pandemic, it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Otherwise, I have tried to run it every year.  But I haven’t run it in 3 years.

Pre-Race Activities and Preparations:

It is a flat course so my times have been fairly decent:

according to my Garmin – but it seemed flatter to me

        2019 – 44:53(PR)
2018 – 45:09
2016 – 47:14
2015 – 45:26
2014 – 48:14
2013 – 47:39
2011 –  47:08

It may sound like a broken record but three years later, my expectations were fairly low… In fact, a course PW was very possible.

My two 5 milers (Electric City 5 Miler & Shamrock Shuffle) this year were pretty slow but of course, this course was easier than either one.

I was a little worried that my foot would continue to be painful after the half marathon last weekend. It had started to hurt around mile 6. But I ran 3 times during the week and it seemed to be ok.  Fingers crossed.

To save time on race day, I picked up my bib and race shirt the day before.

gender-specific short sleeved tech shirt and a re-used LA hm bib

Now only if spring would arrive. It was windy on Monday, then got snow on Tuesday…windy the rest of the week…

It’s always hard at this time of year to decide what to wear.  Too cold for spring clothes but I am tired of jackets and tights. I opted for a long-sleeved shirt, a skirt with compression socks, a cap and hoped that it would be enough.

Race Day:

I got there early. I knew a few people doing this race so I went inside the school to look for them.

The race started on the street but ended in front of the school entrance

As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Barbara and we chatted for a bit.

I also chatted with several other runners that I knew. Because of the local half marathon and Boston that was held last weekend and some other races scheduled for this weekend, there weren’t as many runners as usual. Probably around 100.  There were usually around 300 racers.

It was a little chilly out but we were chatting so waited until the last minute to go outside.

My hope for the race was to have a decent finish time. Maybe even faster my last two five milers.

Zero PR aspirations especially without doing any speed work and my recent sore foot and DOMS from last weekend’s half marathon.  Besides, I wanted to stay healthy for my half marathon in 4 weeks!!

hanging out with the speedy runners (for a moment) lol

I lined up with some faster runners. (but lost them as soon as the race started. lol) But I forgot that they do not use chip time – just gun time for this race.  I should have lined up closer to the starting line.

Of course waiting for the race to begin, I was cold but I was fine as soon as I started running. In fact, I got warm and could have worn a tank or short-sleeved shirt.

I tried to start out fast but not too fast.  Though I never know what this is. And I probably did since my legs seemed to have zero energy today.

There was someone calling out times at each mile.  When I heard my Mile 1 time, I thought they were mistaken (8:xx)

pic from one of my weekday runs… I often run in these neighborhoods

By the water stop at mile 2.5 or so, I was pooped and I stopped for water and walked a bit.

I tired with each mile but tried my best to keep it up some semblance of speed.

happy (to see a photographer)

The course was pancake flat and we just circled the neighborhood streets.  The roads were marked and there were court marshals at each turn.
I officially died by mile 5… I was warm and so I just walked and ran and repeated it until the finish line came into view .

the final stretch

I crossed the finish line at 46:XX.

and the guy in red whom I was ahead of the whole race… beat me!!

Post Race Activities:

Barbara finished shortly after I did. (And she did NOT walk at all!! Impressive.)

Before the Pandemic, the refreshments were inside and there was soup, bread, birthday cake and hot chocolate.  They even offered massages!

Today they were outside and consisted of bananas, cookies, muffins and many types of pastries.

Inside the results were posted….

And I won my age group, though I was pretty sure that I may have been the only one.

two of us!!

I waited around for the awards ceremony and I was thrilled that it was NOT a medal.  I love something usable.

The company that sponsored the race had a raffle for a basket filled with running related items and some freebies.

I didn’t win the raffle 


though I did win in 2014.

Additional Race Reflections:


    • Nearby (3 miles away from my house)
    • Organized packet pick up the day before and morning of
    • Lots of parking
    • Warm, dry place to wait before and after (middle school gym)
    • Real bathrooms
    • Well organized course, lots of course marshals
    • Gender-specific tech shirt
    • Glasses as age group awards
    • Flat course
    • Well marked course
    • Free photos (coming soon)


    • Small turnout
    • COVID limitations (food, massages)
    • Gun timed

Final Stats:

Race Splits:

Positive splits! Of course!

ugh… that last mile….

My time was TWO minutes faster than my last 5 mile race.  Woo Hoo!

Delmar Dash times?  3 faster and 4 slower!! Sounds about right!

Since this course is flat and near where I live, it is still one of my favorite races and I will run it again next year. I am really happy with my time…because I had ZERO pain!

Since I was training for a half marathon, I felt like I needed to add some miles to the legs.

So I ran to the rail trail.  Lots of runners and bikers were out on this gorgeous day.  I dragged myself through 5 more miles (with lots of walking).

I felt like I had gotten blisters from my running shoes (ones that I haven’t worn since last summer)… and I did. Luckily I had brought another pair to wear but OUCHY !!

That makes 10 miles for the day… and so Long Run done!!

Would I recommend this race?

Yes. Absolutely. I hope more runners sign up next year.

Next Up?

a 5k, mountain race, another 5k, a team 3.5 mile race and then

May 22, 2022

Happy Running! How was your weekend? Any running or racing? Do you add on miles to a race to make it a long run? Please share.







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35 thoughts on “Delmar Dash Race Recap

  1. Well done, Darlene!
    So nice that you were faster than 4 other times you did this race – and your foot held up!
    I’ve never run a 5-mile race in my life, but it sounds like a nice distance.

    I haven’t had food at races for ages. Even for my ultra, there was no food at the aid stations or at the finish line. I’m sure once things turn back to normal we will have All The Goodies again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Considering the amount of racing you’ve been doing it sounds like you did great. But seriously, WHAT did they do to the logo? That’s so ugly! I do like a pint glass as an award.

    Definitely nice to have a race that close to home!


    • I like the logo. That mechanical man was ugly. It’s a picture of Delmar. That clock is at the 4 corners and identifies as Delmar.

      I was happy with my time and I’ve done 5 halfs so it’s hard to adjust to a shorter race and one that’s not a 5k.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats Darlene! I bet it felt great to resume your spot on the podium!! I do love a glass for an AG award because every time I drink from mine, it reminds me that I can do hard things!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not my fastest but very happy since I’m only training with easy long runs.

      Good luck with your race. I have a 5k in Fla coming up. The heat will probably kill me.


  4. Great job, Darlene! Your finish time is very respectable…kind of an average of all the times you’ve run it. That glass is really nice! I don’t mind AG medals, but a “real” glass is a great keepsake.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow Darlene! Super impressive race for you. Way to go on that AG spot. I do love a good close by hometown race. Hope your foot is still feeling good 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Foot is fine but only short distances. We’ll see how it feels for the long runs.

      I wish there were more close races and small ones to grab an award.


  6. Congrats on your AG win! I agree, give me anything but another medal for AG wins and places. One of my favorite prizes was when a donation was made to a local food bank in the name of all of the race AG winners. My local turkey trot is just a half mile away and I love the ease of doing that race each year.

    Liked by 1 person

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