Weekly Run Down for 4.10.22-4.17.22: A Week of De-Cluttering and Racing

Yesterday I ran a local half marathon for the third time (but only the 2nd time on its original course). Sherry was my accomplice in each one…

Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon

2019,                         2021,                             2022

I used to say that I would not repeat a half marathon.  However, money and time interferes with my desire to travel the world and run different  half marathons.

So yes, I will repeat local races and ones in Florida.

Last Week:

  • Sunday – After a step overloaded day on Saturday in NYC…

I ran the first annual Shape 5.8M Loop race (Read the recap here).

I met up with old and new friends and had a really great time. I was so grateful for the cool temps, only one loop of those Central Park hills and the gorgeous scenery.

I had a delicious brunch and stroll with Cari and Elizabeth and then added many more miles walking though the city, Macy’s Flower Show and Bryant Park before heading back on the train home.

I won’t bore you here.  Check out IG for more pix from the weekend.

  • Monday – I took a day off from work to recover from my weekend LOL.

I started with an early morning gym visit…

I got laundry, unpacking and grocery shopping done before I decided to attend the afternoon FTC (rather than the evening one I usually go to.

Unfortunately there was no advanced group so I just ran with my friends who were mentoring the Intermediate group

After a stop at TJ’s, it was still too nice to stay indoors so I went on a hike at the Holly Hock Nature Sanctuary..

it was obvious that we had a lot of rain recently

I ended the day with dinner out to catch up with an old friend.

What a lovely day… I think I need to retire lol

  • Tuesday – Another day off….

I forgot to mention that over the weekend, our sump pump broke and our un-finished basement flooded. (So glad I was not home!!)  It was karma because I have been nagging my hubby for years to clean out the basement…

He finally agreed and 1-800-gotjunk came to clear everything out.

So most of todday was spent sorting through junk that I wanted to keep and tossing all the stuff that we did not need to pay to have removed.

After a rainy start, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a run… I took a drive to the Corning bike path

first tank run of the season

Then I met two friends for a long walk on the trail trail followed by dinner out to celebrate a birthday.

found a sign for my upcoming half on this same path

  • Wednesday –  Back to work and the gym first thing…

got up late… didn’t even have time to put my contacts in…

Spring has sprung and my house has been somewhat de-cluttered.

After two truck loads of junk removed, I now have a cleared basement and roomier rooms (got rid of old bookcases, chairs, desks, dressers, etc. Ahhhh!!)

hooray… spring flowers!!

In the evening I was scheduled to volunteer with STEM again. It started to rain and thunderstorms were predicted  so I left early and did a short run just in case STEM got cancelled.

wearing my newish $7 Topos (from Poshmark)

It apparently only rained at my house.  Dry as a bone at UAlbany for our run.

even though they are doing Couch to 5k, the lady I ran with (as I did last time) likes to run fast and not walk… oy!

  • Thursday – Rest Day!

In the blink of an eye, the weather changed from winter to summer.  80 degrees today!! I did some weeding during lunch and was sweating!!

Then we had a thunderstorm and temps dropped like 30 degrees.

I got my bib for Saturday’s race after work (in between the raindrops).

pick up was at the finish line of the race

  • Friday – Rest Day #2. I went to the gym before work.

Perfect weather for running…. Grrr.

race day forecast. sigh.

My Mah Jongg game got cancelled due to Passover seders. So I took to the trails for a walk.

just a few blossoms… they are coming so I plan to go back here (Pine Hollow Arboretum)

And then I carb loaded and debated my race day outfit.

Plan A: skirt and short sleeves

Plan B: long sleeves, capris and gloves

  • Saturday – Race Day! Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon. And the Weather Gods answered my prayers. No rain. Even sunshine.

So many familiar faces which made it a fun event. A downhill course for the most part which still seemed very hard as I had my usual positive splits (but happy with my overall finish time.)

  • Sunday – Plans for the day include Easter dinner with the family and finishing those taxes!

This Coming Week on the Run– 

  • Monday – gym, Freihofer Training Challenge Run (FTC)
  • Tuesday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Wednesday – gym, STEM run
  • Thursday – run, walk with BFF
  • Friday – gym, run, mah jongg
  • Saturday – rest day, walk with running friends, hike
  • Sunday –  Delmar Dash (5m race) + 5 miles

This Coming Week on the Blog – 

  • Tuesday – Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon Race Recap
  • Friday – Racing By the Alphabet

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Happy Running! How is your running going? Any in-person races run or planned? Did you experience summer-like weather this week?  Ever hire a service to de-clutter your house?  Do you wait until the last minute to file your taxes? Please share.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.10.22-4.17.22: A Week of De-Cluttering and Racing

  1. I hate to take the time to declutter too but wow, it does feel good when it is done. So glad your rain held off for you and you had a fun race. Looking forward to reading all about it. Nice to see you keeping up w the gym too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m dedicated to these gym visits until June 5.

      Yes. I still have more to de-clutter. Always.

      So lucky this crazy week to have missed the rain in my runs and races.


  2. Wow, you are leaving your taxes to the last minute! I mailed ours off yesterday. It still confuses me when they’re not due on the 15th. 😉

    Love all your photos from NYC — you had good timing with the cherry blossoms there.

    That was some serious decluttering. I don’t think we have excess furnture — helping our kids furnish their places took care of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If I get money back, I mail them right off… if I have to pay a lot, I wait lol

      Unfortunately our kids did not take any of their junk

      Central Park was amazingly beautiful.


    • It is soooo over whelming. And the more you do, the more you want to… It’s never ending.

      Surprisingly the weather was great. Who knew?


  3. Ha ha… we’re finishing our taxes today as well. Hopefully. Ours are complicated and my husband does them himself, and he seems to have hit a snag. Arg!
    Anyway congratulations on your race! I’m looking forward to the recap. It’s funny how you’re having such great weather and they have snow in the midwest. Your trail pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m envious.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. UGH…I have a major de-clutter project awaiting, and I have no idea where to start. I’m glad the weather held off for your race! I’m hoping for good weather next Sunday for my race as well…it’s ALWAYS cold, windy and (usually) damp. At the moment, the forecast is looking nice (but I’m not banking on it, LOL).

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was that kind of week for us. Sump Pump broke and then Sat. night (I was home alone), a pipe burst in the basement… luckily we had cleared out the basement so no damage.

      Yes I got very lucky with the race weather.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. We finished our taxes a few days ago. We were still waiting on some things to be finalized, and the previous year we ended up getting more money back when we waited, so I was hoping for the same thing! That is a bummer about the sump pump, but definitely a silver lining with that cloud. We have a garage sale happening in 3 weeks and I haven’t done a thing yet. Time to shuffle some stuff around soon!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome week of workouts and nice job on your race!

    Ugh! Such a bummer about the basement. We had the same thing happen a few years ago and it also forced us to get rid of stuff and do a total de-clutter of the basement. While annoying at the time, it was nice to have all that extra space when we were finished!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Funny question on the taxes – I had a laugh with my accountant friend when I asked him to guess what I did on the first day of the new financial year – yes, sent in my accounts to my accountant. Only you, he said. Well done on a strong week and I love the flower and friends pics!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. that is awful about the basement! But the same thing happened to us – I’ve been telling my husband we needed new appliances, and then… bam. We had to make it happen. Why must they learn the hard way?

    On the plus side, you seem to be having so much fun with your running!

    Liked by 1 person

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