FFF: Reasons to Race

Many runners never enter a race.

Many runners stopped racing during COVID.

And of course, you are still a runner if you do NOT race.

But it’s a shame, because IMO, you are missing what enhances the running experience in more ways than I can possibly describe in this post.

Here are a few reasons why I race so often and why I think you should too:

1.Having a goal keeps you motivated

By signing up for a race, you automatically create a goal.

You’re either looking to finish the race or achieve a PR, maybe even both?

These goals will help motivate you to train, getting you out the door in the pouring rain or pushing you to the gym for that dreaded strength workout.

 2.To Push your limits

Running in a race allows you to push your potential and achieve results you may not have thought were possible. (Run without walking?  Run on trails? Run a full marathon?)

We can almost always run faster while racing due to the competitive environment, not to mention the increased adrenaline!

Take advantage of this and see what you’re really made of.

First half marathon!!

3. Provides a sense of community

There’s more to running than running itself, there’s a whole community of runners out there!

Running in a race will really allow you to embrace this community. Prepare to be cheered and to cheer your fellow runners as they achieve their goals on race day – just like yourself.

And make new friends!!

 4. To feel accomplished

It’s not every day that you get to finish a 5k or a half marathon.

Finishing a race, especially if you run a PR, is an incredible feeling. You’ll feel proud of all your hard work leading up to the race, and more importantly be proud of what you have achieved – and so you should be!

I will add that finishing any race, even if it’s a PW, is an achievement.

5. It’s fun!

Finally, running a race is fun! Toeing the start line with hundreds/thousands of runners, all with similar goals feels great.

From those pre-race chats and porta-pottie visits to making new friends and enjoying a post-race brunch, running a race is an exciting all-round experience.

IMO, worth every cent, you pay to sign up.

Happy Running! Do you race often? Why or Why not? Can you add any other reasons to race? Please share.


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16 thoughts on “FFF: Reasons to Race

  1. Yes to all of these! When I started running (and actually right up to the pandemic started), races really kept me motivated to keep running. With the pandemic, I kind of learnt to run and set other goals, but it just didn’t feel the same for me. So I’m really excited that races are slowly but surely returning and planning on registering for all races that come my way!

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  2. As you know I race when I want to. It’s not the reason I run. Everyone comes to running for different things, and that can also change over time. It’s great that races are coming back for those who want that.


  3. Great post. I do think that everyone who runs should at least try a race. There’s really no other sport where an amateur can go compete, have people cheering for them and get a medal- such a cool experience.
    I hadn’t raced in a while, partially because I haven’t been doing speedwork and didn’t want to run slow. But I finally raced last weekend and it was SO FUN! I’m signing up for another one in May.

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    • Yay! So happy you enjoyed your first race back.

      I think when we don’t race, we forget how much fun it is.

      You’re right about anyone can. It’s why I enjoy running more than tennis. Tennis matches are about winning or losing.


  4. I agree with these reasons Darlene! I used to race all the time. I think covid really changed that for me. I am wondering now if I should go for quality over quantity. Like not running the half marathon last weekend – years ago I’d have just done it, regardless of how much pain I was in or lack of training. I am finding right now that I want it back in my life but there has to be a balance. So for me that’s also where parkrun comes in. It’s always another opportunity to race 5KM if you want, or just jog it or even walk it. I need to get some body/joint issues under control and then maybe my thoughts will change again.

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    • I wish we had park run. Such a great alternative to a race.

      Hope things settle down for you and you race again. And come to NY.


  5. There is definitely something special about being at the starting line…it gives me chills every time! And I have so much more appreciation for it again since COVID. I just love the energy from being around all the runners and spectators, and it definitely pushes my limits!

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