TT: 2021 in Photos

This week’s topic is: Your Year in Photos 

Definitely one of my favorites topics because I LOVE to take pictures. The challenge was limiting each month to ONE or TWO pictures.

Here you go:


As the pandemic continued, there was lots of winter hiking


A vacation in Florida with several friend meet-ups and a live half marathon were the highlights of this month


Live races started to happen (with restrictions). This one was a new 5 miler along the Mohawk River.


Of course, the best thing about any month for me is a live race…this half marathon had its location changed (due to COVID.)


This is my favorite month so it gets more than one photo: my annual tennis trip to Florida resumed, I ran for the first time to the top of Prospect Mountain, it was my birthday and in spite of COVID, tulips still bloomed in Washington Park.

Another new race. This was a 10 miler but unfortunately it poured the whole race.


Thursday night trail runs began. And due to not traveling for work, I had prefect attendance for the series.


Very excited to run a July 4th race for the first time.

I again was selected as an ambassador for the Freihofer 5k race which changed its date from June to September. I supported the race by participating in the Challenge group runs.


Very lucky to run a 5k race and meet up with running friends.

and another 5k as a reunion with runners whom I raced with in Philly back in 2014.

The month ended with an exciting college reunion in NYC, a weekend in the Hamptons with my roomie and then a runner meet-up back in the Big Apple.


another live first annual half marathon and so fun to share the experience with friends

The most popular local all women’s race was held this month (after a year off and a later date.)


a fun trip to NH with running buddies which included lots of laughs and a race.


A busy month with three live races: 15k, half marathon and a 10k


The year ended with a fun 5k running though the Holiday Lights in the Park and pot luck dinner after. My running friends are the best!

Happy Running! What was your favorite photo or event from 2021? Please share.







Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

29 thoughts on “TT: 2021 in Photos

  1. You must be the queen of racing, Darlene!
    I love how you combine running and racing with social events. I always find that the best days are when the two components “running” and “socialising” come together.
    I think my absolute favourite event was the ultra I did in March. I was really exhausted at the end but it felt great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lots of great memories! I also had a tough time limiting the pics to just one per month. It’s a good problem when there’s a lot of fun happening 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, I don’t know how you limited it to just these photos- you did so much in 2021! It’s nice to look back and see what an eventful and amazing year you had, right? I’m looking forward to seeing all your adventures in 2022.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I am grateful to have the opportunity and the health to be active. You never know what the future will bring.

      Yes cheers to more of the same in 2022.


  4. Great photos.
    A lot of great memories and beautiful races, congrats! You are an inspiration.
    Meeting other friends and socializing with them makes our sport even more beautiful.
    I don’t have many possibilities for a nice post-race because my teammates like to race in Rome while I prefer the events in the little towns around here.
    All the best for a great 2022 full of running races.

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