FFF: Why I am Thankful For Running

In these often stressful times, it is important to reflect on why we are thankful for running:

Here are FIVE+ reasons why I AM:

  1. I am HEALTHIER.

an energetic run in Central Park after a hard day’s work

I hardly even get sick. It’s very rare that I even get a cold. (knock on wood) If I ever feel rundown or tired, I just go for a run and that feeling disappears.

Running is my Energy/Vitamin source.

2. I feel YOUNGER.

hanging out after a 5k with thirty somethings

This may sound corny but I sometimes forget that I am 68 years old when I am running.  I often run faster than runners half my age.  And often slower than runners older than me. So I guess 

Running is my fountain of youth.

3. I have MET so many awesome PEOPLE since I started running.

I have met them by joining running groups, at races, through social networking and through other runners.

In other words, Running has become part of my Social Life.

4. Running has made me feel more CONFIDENT.

I am not athletic.  I never played a sport growing up.  In fact, I am very clumsy.  Imagine my surprise when I won my first age group.  I tell people that I am not fast but it depends who shows up at a race.  My speed is not bad “for my age.”

Running has filled my empty Trophy Case.

5. Running has given me STRENGTH.

I have done things that I never thought possible.  Run 13.1 miles? Who me?

first half marathon

Run a marathon? Now way, Jose!

first marathon

I have been able to push through pain and not give up on things that seemed too hard. Yes to running through injuries, hills, running in the rain, heat and sub zero temps.

Running is my Kryptonite.

6. Running has taken me to new PLACES.

Yes, all my vacations involve races.  As a result, I have traveled to Philly, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Montreal, Bermuda, Paris and more!!

Running is actually my Travel Agent.

7. Running gets me OUTDOORS

I am sure that if I weren’t a runner, I would read more, watch TV more maybe even cook or clean more often.

But it’s running that drives me out of my house early on the weekend mornings and out of my office at the end of a long work day.

Running is my Vitamin D.

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Happy Running! Why are you thankful for running? Please share.







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12 thoughts on “FFF: Why I am Thankful For Running

  1. Yes to all of these! I do agree that running outdoors makes me healthier too. I also feel younger and stronger. The friends I have made along the way are the cherry on top!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes yes yes! All of these- but the one that stood out is that running makes me feel young. I really notice it when I don’t (can’t) run- i start to feel really old. I don’t like feeling old!
    I also was not athletic growing up, so it’s fun to actually be “competitive” (I use the term very loosely!) now. Getting older definitely has some perks when you’re a runner!

    Liked by 1 person

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