FFF: Returning to Peloton

Beyoncé and Peloton Team Up for Unprecedented Partnership

In January of 2020, I joined a two month free trial of Peoton.

I didn’t take advantage of all parts of it but I did enjoy the indoor bike rides and the outdoor runs (I don’t have a treadmill.)

But it was not enough to pay for it. So I did not renew my membership.

I posted why here.

However, on July 31, I signed up for a Peloton membership again for 3 months.

And here’s why:

1.They offered a 3 month membership for the price of one month.

Hey, I’m cheap. What can I say?

But actually I wanted to see the changes and if it worked out better for me this time.

2. My evening group runs will be ending soon.

I run with a group on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings and do my long run or a race on the weekend with others.

they were fun while they lasted

But I will be running solo again and will be able to use the Peloton app during my runs.

Peloton's app is getting cheaper for millions of people - CNN

3. I want to try the app for walking and walk ups/cool downs in addition to running.

I am not sure if these options were available when I first tried Peloton or maybe I just didn’t use them

The Best Peloton Running and Fitness Classes to do at home

4. I hope to try out stacking more than one workout especially to make a run longer.

One of my criticisms was than the runs were by time and did not often fit the distance that i wanted to run.

Your Workouts Just Got Even Better With These New Features | The Output

With the “stacking” functionality, I can add a warm up and cool down and even combine more than one running class.

How to Use Peloton Stacked Classes | POPSUGAR Fitness

5. I do not belong to a gym so if I could motivate myself, I can take advantage of other workouts in addition to running.

Peloton App How Much Does it Cost? | Pricing Info & Free-Trial

I could take a yoga class or even do some strength training, stretching or cardio.

Happy Running! Did you sign up for the new Peloton trial membership?  If you already use the Peloton app, what benefits does it offer you as a runner? Please share.


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20 thoughts on “FFF: Returning to Peloton

  1. Welcome back! 😉 The warm-ups and stretches are great. I’m also finding a few Barre and Pilates classes I like for light days. Just know that the stacks don’t “auto play” to the next one. You still have start each one, but it’s much more efficient than having to find the class. I stack mine the night before so I don’t waste time in the morning.

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  2. I’m still on the fence and have not joined. I do enough (on my own), it’s hard to drop coin to have someone else telling me what to do LOL That said, I know the classes are great and they work well for most everyone who has used them. Maybe winter time would be a better fit for me (?)…

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  3. I got the Peleton app a few weeks ago, mainly for the strength classes. I definitely haven’t taken full advantage of it yet- there are so many classes that it can be overwhelming. I keep doing the same ones over and over again. Lately I’ve also been trying out the yoga classes and I’ve been liking those. I’ll be interested to hear how the running classes are- I usually do my own thing on my runs, but i would be open to trying something different.

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    • I usually run with others or do my own thing. But Peleton is a nice diversion. There are some good playlists.

      I definitely need to check out the classes.


  4. Warm ups and cool downs were there in January, but I don’t tend to do them since the stacking seems to glitch for me. I’d rather just do it without an official workout. I do love Peloton though and think the stretching ones are especially helpful. Curious how you find it this go around

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