TT: Your Initials and Running

Let’s have some fun today.

What do your Initials say about your running?

D = Difficult

I know if it weren’t hard, everyone would do it.

But no matter what the distance is, it is “hard.”  At least it is for me.

Of course, it is hard in different ways.  Weather conditions? Injuries? Hills? Speed? Endurance?

I do not consider this a negative. My motto has been “I can do hard things.”

S = Social  (I usually use my maiden name as my middle name)

It’s no secret that I prefer to run with other runners.

I like races. I like joining running groups whether they be in-person or virtual ones.

I have met so many wonderful person through running.

Running with others is just more fun (for me.)

C = Consistent

Unless I have a serious injury (like a broken bone), I have never taken time off.

For me, consistency is key to my running.

I always try to run 4 times a week. Three short runs and one long one.

And for quite awhile, my long run has been an easy 10 miles (even if I am not training for anything.)

I aim for 1000 miles a year. If I run consistently, I reach that number or am fairly close.

Since today is Tuesday, I’m linking up with Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner).

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Happy Running! So what do your initials say about your running? Please share.



32 thoughts on “TT: Your Initials and Running

  1. Oh, this is a good one, Darlene!
    My initials are “C” and “D”.
    C= Challenges. I like to set goals and work over a few weeks and months to reach them.
    D= DNF / DNS. I have had both… there must be runners out there who have never had one of these in their resumé. I’m trying very hard that it doesn’t happen again!

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  2. What a great idea Darlene!
    Mine are S-S-C:
    So I will still your S for SOCIAL! Love how social it is, it has expanded my social network and enhanced relationships I already had.
    Another S – SATISFYING. I always feel so satisfying, even the bad runs leave me feeling good that at least I ran!
    And C – It’s CHALLENGING, pushes me out of my COMFORT zone, and keeps me CONSISTENT in so many areas of my life.

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    • I LOVE your Satisfying!! Sure is. And it is definitely Challenging and yes yes, it can and should get me out of my Comfort zone.


  3. J = Joyul
    Not all runs are joyful. Some are downright soul sucking. Yet I am come back a different person. More at peace, more joyful.

    A = Analytics
    We all know I like my data. It’s not about running faster, or even how fit I am. It gives me a glimpse into what’s going on in my body, even before I might feel badly — and that helps me to adjust things.

    L = Lounghauler
    Ok, so I made one word out of two. When I started to run, I thought of it as a means to lose weight. Here I am, more than a decade later — I know I’m in it for the long haul, or however long my body will allow me to do it. I also do all the prehab, the warmups, the stretching, etc. because I know that will help me to keep running longer.


    • All fitting for you.
      None would apply to me but that’s ok.
      I think I’m joyful only when I race because I find that more enjoyable. I could care less about stats except for race pace which helps me understand what happened in the race. And as I have mentioned many times, I started running as something to do with my friends and it continues to be a social thing. I have realized that thanks to my friends that if I can’t run, I can walk with them or just eat, or volunteer at a race. They will remain my friends because we have more in common than running. (same with virtual friends).

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  4. This is a fun idea, Darlene! My initials are tough to work with for this, though…
    **K…gonna go with KIND, as in being kind to other runners (or any athletes in general), despite their level of fitness or knowledge of the sport. No one wants to feel intimidated.
    **another K (for my middle name, lucky me LOL)…how about KNEES, since we all know running is NOT bad for your knees (unless you get a freaky staph infection and your doctor misdiagnoses it).
    **B (my last name is actually hyphenated)…BADASS, because running (as well as all forms of fitness) make us stronger, more resilient, and less fearful
    **H…HAPPY; running (and fitness in general) makes me a happy for my achievements, happy for my strength, happy for the friends I’ve made, and happy for all that is yet to come 😉

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    • All great choices –
      Being Kind is important.
      You are Badass for sure.
      I would also say your drills, stairs and 5 at 5 KICK ass.
      Happy is the best. I mean, why do it if it does not make you happy.


  5. This is fun, but tough! My initials are LMS and I am struggling to come up with an L word. For M I guess I can go with miles since I like to run lots of miles plus its my blog name. And for S, maybe speed. I like to do speed work and going faster is a fun goal.

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  6. I love this! I’m with you, if given the choice between solo runs and group runs, I will almost always choose group runs. It’s just more fun with a friend. 🙂

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  7. I had a hard time coming up with an answer too, but the one’s above are fun. Let’s see:

    V: Victory – Not necessarily as in winning a race, even though it is fun when that happens. But, running has helped me win the battles of depression, weight loss, and open heart surgery.

    L: Long – as in long runs and those short ones that feel really, really long. Always feel so accomplished when they are done.

    R: Regular – Being a regular, consistent, runner is my ultimate goal. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I try.

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  8. My initials are JLS so…
    It looks like i’m copying Judy, but Joy would for sure be my J word- I’ve been injured so many times that every time I’m able to start out on a run, I’m literally filled with joy.
    L would be “lucky” – I never take a single run for granted, and know how lucky I am.
    My first thought for S is Satisfying.
    Great idea for a post- this is fun!


    • I love your choices. You are so positive.

      I do agree. Once you are injured, you realize how lucky you are to be able to run.

      I would say Satisfying too but for me it’s always AFTER the run.


  9. S = Social. Even if usually in this last period I run alone I like to participate in running races and to spend the post-race time with my friends.
    G = Gratitude. For all the friends who shared with me the passion of running, for all the workouts and the races made together. And a special thought for 2 special running mates (Antonio and Nicola) who now run in heaven.

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  10. Okay, I’ll play. My initials are D L W. For D I’ll choose Dedicated. I stick with the program and rarely skip a planned run. I’m also dedicated to my rest and recovery days! For L I’ll choose Long. I love long runs! When I was young I used to say I could run forever if I could do it slowly. 🙂 I don’t quite feel that way anymore but I do love to run long. And for W I’ll say Wild, mostly because I can’t think of anything else. I love running wild, with no route in mind, just making random turns. That probably wouldn’t work as well in a strange city but near home it just leads me to see new things in my own neighborhood.

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  11. My initials are LSN. L for love (I love running!), S for scenery (I prefer routes with natural scenery) and N for numbers (I can be a data geek).

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