FFF: Runfessions for May ’21

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I usually enjoy not wearing my Garmin during a race because I feel no pressure.  So for the Prospect Mountain Road Race, I left it home and used my Apple Watch instead.  But I didn’t start the Strava app.  Obviously I don’t use the Apple app often.  It showed the time and splits for the run.  However, I was disappointed that it didn’t show an elevation map.

you would never know that there was over 1600 ft of elevation gain

I guess I need to wear my Garmin again for races (at least hilly ones.)

Do you like to see the elevation for your runs and/or races?

2. I runfess…

I used to love 5k races. I ran them a lot!  I enjoyed them. I used to win my age group. Yadda Yadda.

Smiling – June 2019

Whether it’s due to age or the Pandemic, but any speed that I once had has disappeared.

They are now HARD!  It’s such a struggle.

there was a frown under that mask lol – Dec 2020

I think I may want to only run longer races…..

Do you enjoy short races?  Does your finish time matter?

3.I runfess…

I was complaining during the Pandemic that all events were cancelled so I had hike or run alone every evening.

Now things have opened up. Activities have been scheduled.

First on Thursday evenings, I started walking with two former co-workers. And I still do every week.

Soon, Thursday Trail group runs will be starting up again (after a year off).

Also the Freihofer Training Challenge is scheduled (after a year off).  Instead of big groups, this year, there will be many small groups. So far, the Advanced group was been scheduled… You guess it. On Thursday!

Choices. Choices.

Anyone else now have scheduling conflicts?

4. I runfess…

My feet still hurt.  They have not stopped me from running (just slowed me down,)

I thought zero drop shoes were the answer.

TOPOS Magnifly

No miracle cure.

So I decided to go back and try a higher drop shoe.


Now I am really confused, my feet felt the same.  Still not a fair assessment since it wasn’t a half marathon.

Does anyone wear BOTH high drop and low drop running shoes?

5.I runfess…

As you know I love to race. So I’ve already signed up for fall races.

Malta 5k in-person this year – 9/11/2021

and for a fall race-cation:

Oct 3, 2021 – in-person half marathon!!

Have you signed up for any fall races or race-cations?

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.







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43 thoughts on “FFF: Runfessions for May ’21

  1. I have three fall races (currently) on the calendar, but two of them are deferrals from last year (Air Force Marathon and IMT Des Moines). The third is Dam to Dam 20K, which is happening late August instead of its usual early June time (and I wouldn’t miss that event for anything). I’ll probably do a 4th of July race, but have not yet registered….

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  2. I couldn’t care less about my pace anymore. That said, I still wear my Garmin when I run. I don’t ever look at it until I’m back home though. Guess I just want a “record” of my run. Have fun with all those races and I hope your feet cooperate!

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  3. Ugh on all those events being on the same day. How will you choose? I think 5Ks are hard and 10Ks are harder. You know 10 milers are my sweet spot — I’ve got more endurance than speed.

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    • Mostly I will choose trail runs because they are seasonal. I plan to walk with my 2 buddies only on Tuesdays and the training challenge, I may have to skip or pick a Monday group that is not advanced.

      I like 10 mile races too but there aren’t too many of them.

      I have one on Sunday but…40 degrees and rain!! Not happy!


  4. I’m signed up for Hood to Coast in August (Oregon), Chicago and NYC Marathons and maybe London if that comes through! Can’t wait.

    I haven’t raced a 5K since before the pandemic and I’m scared at how slow I might be now! LOL.

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    • I was scared too…not as bad as I feared.

      That is exciting. Some really great races on your schedule. GL with London.

      I’m a little FOMO that I didn’t sign up for nYC when I could have. Now I think I have to wait until I’m 70 to qualify.


  5. I saw the Rockfest email the other day and wondered if you would be running. I’ve got my eye on that one and a couple of others, but I’m waiting for school schedules to finalize so I don’t run into conflicts with parents’ weekend or homecoming.

    I cannot remember the last time I raced a 5K – I’m sure my time would be ugly now, but honestly, I’ve let go of worrying about my pace.

    That’s a bummer about your feet. What does the doctor say?

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    • I hope you do the Rockfest. It would be fun to see each other again.

      I don’t worry about my times either. It is what it is.

      Not much to do about my feet except surgery or stop running, I don’t plan to do either.

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  6. I do like to wear my Garmin and like that it pushes everything to strava. I don’t look at elevation too much though mostly to keep track of distance. Sorry to hear that your feet are still sore!

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  7. I have been looking at that Smuttynose race for years. It looks awesome! I am doing the London Marathon in October (if it happens) and a California half marathon in November. I can’t wait to travel again. It’s good to have choices!

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  8. I don’t have any Fall races on my calendar right now but I’m signed up for a race in Spring 2022.

    Right now I prefer the shorter distances only because I don’t feel inspired to run long distances just yet.

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  9. Crazy that you feet feel the same in zero drop and high drop shoes! You would think there would be SOME difference! I would say make sure you have a wide toe box, but it looks like you already thought of that.
    Longer races are so much easier! I’ve never been a great 5k runner, but I’m trying to get better.
    Funny that you have three things being scheduled on the same day! I guess Thursday is a popular day for group activities.

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  10. Elevation – we don’t have a lot of it here in the Netherlands, but where I live, like exactly where I live, is higher than the rest of the city (with the exception of two other areas in town). Basically everywhere I run has elevation :D. So I guess I don’t really need to see it on my garmin stats! Maybe, yeah, if I was running a race.

    As for finish times – not since the struggle with my left foot started do I care that much about finish times. I hardly ran many 5K’s though to be honest. I mean occasionally I have trained to get a faster time. But not often.

    No scheduling conflicts here. We just aren’t as opened up as you guys are.

    I went from zero drop to minimal drop (altra to hoka) and my feet still hurt! BUT they both have great toe box space and the Hokas support my ankles more so that’s good.

    I think my first races will be next year. Depending on all the things of course.

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  11. I have my eye on one fall (well, almost winter) race. As of this moment, they are waiting for restrictions to life. Haven’t decided or talked with Mr. Judy about it yet.

    Our ME vacation could be a racecation, depends when we go. Not a half. We have friends there. Although if that race reinstitutes its fund raising requirement, probably not.

    Maybe you need to alternate your Thursday activities?


    • Glad to hear you are thinking about races again. Any local ones?

      I will probably skip my walk and do it with them on Tuesday. Definitely do the trails since it is seasonal. And FTC is planning to add another Advanced. I’m hoping for Monday. Then I have every night planned. Lol

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  12. Have you tried inserts for your sore feet?
    Way back when, when i first started running I only ran 5k’s. I’m considering going back to that distance but as of yet I haven’t signed up for anything. Maybe I’ll do a 4th of July race.
    I am however signed up for a Fall half and a Spring 2022 half. There are so many halfs coming up for the Fall. I guess everyone wants to get started back up on in person races.

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  13. I do like to see my elevation on runs and, while I don’t worry about it too much, I do like to see my pace too. I try my best to not compare with last year, since I had my surgery and was off for almost 2 months earlier this year. It’s hard though.

    I am pretty competitive and love to place in my age group. I have no expectations of ever being considered a fast runner though. LOL

    I have signed up for the AF HM in September. I guess that could be considered a runcation, since I’ll be spending a few days there.

    Glad you are able to start running/walking with your friends again.


    • I think we all like to place in our AG. It’s being compared to runners ourown age not everyone in the race.

      Of course, as we age or get injured, we should just appreciate that we are still out there rather than stressing out about our finish times.

      That’s so fun that you are planning a race-cation.

      Being without my friends to run or walk was the hardest part of the Pandemic. I am happy that it didn’t last long but others feel differently and are still isolating themselves even though they’ve been vaccinated.

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      • The last place I was stationed in the AF was Wright Patterson AFB, which is where the HM will be. I’m hoping to meet up with a couple of friends who still live there when I’m in the area.

        I understand people being hesitant to be out, even after the vaccine. There is so much conflicting information out there. Breakthrough cases, different strains, people dying after getting CoVID even though they had the vaccine, etc.

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  14. Oooh. This is a lot!

    So yes. I used to wear higher and lower drop shoes and it was fine. Right now, I’m not messing with any changes because I feel good, but I would love to bring a 6-8mm shoe back into the arsenal.

    Isn’t it crazy how all of a sudden, everything is happening? I’ve forgotten how to manage.

    I am getting all signed up for things and I do have an October Racecation on the books. Oh, and I hate 5ks.

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  15. I get altitude with my Apple Watch and don’t use the Strava app on it. Can you just import from Fitness?
    I don’t love 5Ks. They’re just usually not worth the logistics and I need longer to mentally warm up. I think 5-8 miles is always my run happy place. I have a 10K, 6K in June. I planned to train for the former. Oops


      • oh and I feel you on all the schedule conflicts. I only watch two TV shows, why do they go up against Thursday Night football.
        Gotcha re: watch. Thought it was automagic . Didn’t even realize there was a strava app for it

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