TT: My Worst Racing Outfits

I’m pretty obsessive about wearing nice (matching) racing outfits but occasionally I do have outfit fails.

Here are a few:

  • My stomach showed in ALL the race photos. (Those shorts are pretty ugly too.)

  • This was a Halloween race and my Parrot Head costume seemed like a good idea but it was not that comfortable.
  • My skirt was caught up into my belt for all these photos:

  • My belt kept falling the down this whole rainy race.

  • My winter racing look (before I discovered skirts)
  • So very attractive. Layers??
  • Back when I wore cotton tee shirts to race.

  • We had to wear this shirt but it was too big and it was so hot and humid that July day.

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

I’m also linking up here:

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Happy Running! Any outfit fails that have happened to you? Please share.

30 thoughts on “TT: My Worst Racing Outfits

  1. Haha, a great set of photos, Darlene!
    It’s a good thing you do so many races, so you have a big selection to choose from. Love the winter racing look! 🙂
    Oh, and thanks for all the Naples photos last Sunday. I really enjoyed them!

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    • I always smile for the camera even if I am dying.

      Yes. Traveling is hard. I’ve learned to bring clothes for every weather condition. Like feb in fla. was supposed to be cold and rainy. Sunny and 85 instead.

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  2. Your rainy run reminded me of my daughter’s first 5k with me. She was 13ish, it rained the whole race and I forgot to bring dry clothes or even a post race jacket. We rode home wet and cold, but she was so proud!

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  3. I used to run in cotton t-shirts all the time, but that was before I started running races! I think my worst race outfit was when I ran the Houston Marathon. It poured rain and I didn’t pack the right clothes. I ended up with so much chafing!

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  4. Ha ha, i love these trips down memory lane! Yep, I remember the days of cotton t-shirts. And one of your picture reminded me of a picture of me running a marathon and my shorts look ENORMOUS. Did everyone look that ridiculous or was it just me?


  5. It’s fun looking back at old photos! I have definitely had issues with my hydration belt slipping or being too hot during a race!

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  6. We all have outfit fails, especially when we start running. My biggest was the time I ran an entire marathon in my throwaway sweatshirt and the trash bag I used to stay dry. It was raining so hard it did not keep my dry (it actually made me sweat under that sweatshirt) plus the shirt was so wet it must have weighed 5 pounds by the end of the race.

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    • that is funny. I ran my 2nd half in the pouring rain and it was colder than predicted so all those extra layers weighed me down too.


  7. Thankfully it was before I started running races, but I more than once wore shorts over tights! I also overdressed often when I first started running.

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