Weekly Run Down for 4.26.21-5.9.21: Vacation Time, a Race and My Birthday!!! Triple Whammy!

I was away with my girlfriends in Naples, Fla most of this TWO week period. We had perfect weather and loads of fun.

Then I came home to lots of laundry and to celebrate my birthday (on Mother’s Day.)

On an insane impulse, I also registered for a race on Saturday.


  • Monday – I was planning on squeezing in a run at lunch in the neighborhood but an emergency vet appt in the morning took away my lunch time (Champ had an infected bite wound but he is now fine).

he was very upset that he couldn’t go out and play for a week

Instead after work, I drove back to Washington Park to run around the tulips and do some hill work. Change of plans, I ran around town first and ended up at the tulips.

no pep in my step today but still got it done….

I just took pics, skipped the hills and walked back to my car.

90,000 bulbs here once they are all in bloom

  • Tuesday – Today I had time for a run during lunch. I was expecting much but trying to front load my runs in case they do not get done in Florida.

stayed in the neighborhood and sported my Florida race shirt

After work, I skipped my long walk with friends in order to finish packing and to get to bed early.

  • Wednesday – I took a very early flight (6 am) to Florida. Once we arrived, we picked up the rented van and drove to Naples.  We got settled in our villas, ate lunch, went grocery shopping and then hung out at the pool. I was glad that I ran Monday and Tuesday since there was a lot of sitting happening today.

sunny – heat index over 100 EVERYDAY!!

  • Thursday – I got up early and excitedly got to play tennis with my friends. I guess it’s like riding a bike. It felt great to be out there. Afterward, while they were taking a tennis lesson, I went for a run. Whoa. Heat and humidity! Quite an adjustment.

ran around the neighborhood admiring all the gardens

Next on today’s agenda was the beach followed by a delicious dinner in French restaurant. A perfect day to be followed by many perfect days.

Best dinner of the week (I am a biased former French teacher)

  • Friday – Today I went for a pre-tennis run. Still hot and humid. I decided that I would just happily endure the heat and humidity each morning.

more sweat and more flowers

Again we went to the beach. And after, we all went out to a scrumptious dinner. (Do you see a pattern?)

Some of the girls did go to the pool some days but I prefer the beach. Cool breezes, warm waves= Heaven!

  • Saturday – Things were becoming routine.

I found it cooler if I ran outside the community and along the canal…

I ran (if you could call it “running”) while my friends took their tennis lesson, then I played tennis with them and afterward I went to the beach. It was hot, sunny and humid but I loved it. Tonight’s dinner was Italian and we went to the theater after.

We saw Calendar Girls at the local theater

  • Sunday – I started the day with an early morning walk. No tennis or running since we decided on a road trip. We drove 1 1/2 hours north to Sarasota. First we took a boat ride on the Myakka River

Not as many alligators as we hoped but it was fun and we enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park too.

and then went on a nature and canopy walk in the park.

quite shady which was very very nice on this hot day

Next we visited Selby Gardens where in addition to the beautiful flowers, there was an exhibit of Lichtenstein’s version of Monet.

Monet is one of my favorite painters so I really enjoyed this!!

We ended our visit with the St Armand Circle shops and a seafood dinner.

Last Week:

  • Monday – For the next few days, we played tennis first thing in the morning and then I ran during their lesson. The runs became more difficult since the temps were higher and the sun stronger. I coped by adding in more walk breaks.

I think I was walking more than running so these were just miles on the legs….

Again we went to the beach and out to dinner. But tonight we skipped dessert and had it back home during our book club.

We discussed Anxious People and yes, the dessert was as good as it looks

  • Tuesday – Today was pretty similar to Monday. Tennis, slow sweaty run, beach.

Of course, I realized that I should be running BEFORE tennis when it was cooler!! Not easy when you stayed up late on vacation….

Since it was our last Florida dinner, we had it at the Ritz while watching the sunset.

Top left: this is the first restaurant we ate at in Naples in 2005 so we go there every year just to take a pic. I am sunrise and sunset obsessed so I insist on ONE during my tennis vacations. My friends indulge me. (on my own, I’d be there every night lol)

  • Wednesday – Last day in sunny Florida. Tennis, a slow run…

I was frowning because I looked at the weather forecast for home!!!

followed by relaxing by the pool and dinner at the airport. Our flights were uneventful (for a change.)

Top: group pic with Mark our tennis instructor (I did not take lessons but everyone else liked him). Bottom: the bigger of the two pool in the community

  • Thursday – Home sweet home but missing my friends and the warm sunshine. I don’t often run several days in a row but my Florida running was more walking and I also wanted to check out the tulips in Washington Park before the weekend. The weather was cool and breezy so perfect for running.

it’s lilac time too!!

This past weekend was have been peak for the tulips but they were still gorgeous.

more tulip pics on IG @dsc59

After work, I resumed my walk on the rail trail with friends.

  • Friday – Finally a real rest day. The only thing I did was take a walk with a friend after work.
  • Saturday – On a whim, I signed up for a race – Prospect Mountain Road Race – 5.67 miles up a mountain (over 1600 ft elevation gain). Crazy, right? Yes it was hard, very hard but I finished unscathed, won 3rd in my age group and even enjoyed it.

Afterward, I drove up to Bolton Landing and walked around for a while (I had planned to run but was too beat).

Lake George still pretty on a cloudy day

As as soon I got home, I had to rush out as my stepson and his wife had invited us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day.

  • Sunday – MY BIRTHDAY!  No big celebration planned.  I thought I might run 6.8k but decided that I would go for a hike or two instead.

I am lucky to have so many choices within an hour radius.  I decided that I needed water views and waterfalls.  And I hit the jackpot.

Falling Waters Preserve – 3 trails with Hudson River views and several waterfalls!

On the way home, I stopped to hike a shorter trail.

More views of the Hudson but people live in the lighthouse so I could not climb it.

Believe it not mot, I accidently walked 4.2 miles or 6.8K!!!

Later we will stop by my MIL’s to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

This Coming Week on the Run – 

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  • Tuesday – rest day, walk with friends
  • Wednesday –run, walk
  • Thursday – run, walk
  • Friday – rest day, bike, walk
  • Saturday – Long Run
  • Sunday – rest day walk, hike

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down for 4.26.21-5.9.21: Vacation Time, a Race and My Birthday!!! Triple Whammy!

  1. Happy Birthday! I loved hearing about your Florida trip. Even though I live here (in Boca, not on the west coast) everyday life is not the same as staying at a resort with girlfriends and being on vacation!
    Congratulations on your race! Maybe all the heat and humidity down here.made running feel easier back up north. Although running up a mountain does not sound easy. Anyway, an AG award is always nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Running up a mountain was hard. But today I feel great.

      A vacation is definitely different than living there. No responsibilities.


  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope that you had an amazing day 🙂

    Love seeing all the photos from your trip – it looks like you had a blast in Florida. So glad to hear that Champ is doing okay after the vet visit too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great time in Florida. I’m impressed you did all that running. I might have chilled by the pool instead. Congrats on that race — it’s amazing you can walk at all today, let alone hike.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Running? It was more like moving. I had to balance all the desserts.

      My legs were great. I think because I did not run down. I snagged a ride.


  4. Sounds like a very good week.

    I looked at Falling Waters for this trip, but it is the wrong side of the river & would have added to what was for me already a long drive. Somehow I ended up driving the whole way.

    Happy birthday!

    Glad Champ is better.


    • Certainly is a wealth of trails on both sides of the river. I almost went to Jackie’s fire tower but I thought it was going to rain.

      Champ is fine even though my hubby let him outside when I was away.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You had a lot going on! Happy Birthday and congratulations on your age group win! The weather here has been typical for May- hot for a few days then rain will cool things down for a few days. Lately it’s been raining so the temperatures have been cooler. I’m sure it won’t last for long, though.


  6. Happy Birthday, Darlene! I loved seeing photos of you and your running friends in Florida. That looks like a great girls’ vacay! I didn’t know you were a French teacher! No wonder you loved the French restaurant. Congrats on 3rd in your AG for a really tough race. All up! Wow!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually they are my tennis friends. I used to okay before I started running. Taught for 22 years.
      No great feat. 4 in my AG.


  7. fabulous holiday Darlene! so glad you got to go and enjoy being with your friends in the sunshine. hope you had a good birthday too! and I’m glad Champ is ok.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wow, what a fun trip you had!! I could totally get used to that routine. I haven’t been to a beach in awhile due to us taking camping trips the last few summers. I gotta get back to one!! Happy birthday and congrats on your race. Why not run a hill race on a whim 🙂 Fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup. That was the idea. A no pressure fun event.

      It’s hard now sitting at my desk all day. Not complaining because not everyone has the chance to take such a vacation

      Liked by 1 person

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