Five Runfessions for March ’21

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I am still a Skirt Sports ambassador but I have NOT bought a thing this year. In fact, I am not even tempted.  It’s not that I dislike their clothes, it’s that I don’t NEED anything!

I own so many tanks and skirts already….

If you are an ambassador for a product, do buy their items?

2. I runfess…

That being said, I am still on the hunt for the shoe that will make my foot pain disappear. I bought a new brand, KURU, that I had never heard of because it boasted being for those with all my foot problems (bunion, hammertoe, neuroma).

They are comfortable but I doubt they will work for running – too stiff, too heavy, etc.

But I do a lot of walking and I will use them for that (and not wear out my running shoes.)

Do you wear different shoes for walking than running?  Have you ever heard of this brand??

3.I runfess…

I already signed up for a half marathon for next year.  Yes, that far in advance.  I had deferred this race this year so I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose my money.  You could register for free if you deferred.

12th Florida Marathon and Half Marathon (Publix Florida Marathon & 1/2) 2021. Melbourne, Florida, USA. February 2021 |

Feb. 12, 2022 in Melbourne, FL.

Anyone else register for a 2022 race?

4. I runfess…

Although I registered that race, they said that I could defer again to 2023.  My sister-in-law sold her house there.  That was one of the reasons I chose that race.  I may instead re-do the one I ran this year if it is back on the original course.

Fort Lauderdale again in 2022?

Do you run repeat races or do you prefer to run new ones?

5.I runfess…

I was thrilled with my PW at my last race.  I’m a pretty competitive person and before the pandemic, I would have been disappointed that my finish time was over 2 minutes slower than normal. But nope. I didn’t care one bit.  Once normal racing opens back up, I hope I can hold onto this attitude. Easy short weekday runs, long slow weekend runs and lots of time on the trails instead of drills and training plans!!!

and I AM smiling under my gaiter.

Do you enjoy running races for fun or do you train so you can have a good finish time?

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.







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26 thoughts on “Five Runfessions for March ’21

  1. I stopped caring about finish times long ago. Can’t remember the last time I followed a training plan…maybe the London Marathon. That’s great you have the flexibility to keep deferring that race. Such a tough time for race directors though.

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  2. Good for you on your finish time perspective! I train to run strong, and do some speedwork, but I seldom have a specific finish time (or pace) as a goal. Of course, there are races where nothing goes right (or feels right), but that’s all part of the process…and many of those are disappointing. But, I think every race (good or bad) makes me stronger.


    • I agree totally. Yes a great finish time is rewarding but in the end esp now during the Pandemic I so appreciate being able to race.


  3. I do still care about finish times, otherwise what is the point of racing? Even if I don’t hit my goal, if I feel like I gave it my all, then that is a good race.

    If I represent a brand, yes, I feel obligated to purchase and share their products.

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    • Everyone is different. I do care but not as much as before. The point of racing is the atmosphere, the course, the bling and it’s fun.

      I DO wear their prodcuts…all the time and I post and tag to IG almost daily. Just don’t need new clothes right now.


  4. I’m pretty competitive too so I do care about my time. Courses vary though and if my asthma makes an appearance all bets are off so I don’t let a bad time mess with my mind. Too much anyway.

    I don’t have a race for 2022 yet but my RnR marathon postponed until October and my other marathon that was postponed hasn’t even picked a date yet. Who knows? it may end up being next year.

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    • Yes. Who knows with many races. And they are bunching up to the fall.

      I agree. We all have bad days and you can’t let your time mess with your head. It’s only a race. There will be other races.


  5. I like your attitude about racing and finish times — In the time of COVID, I’m all for training for a strong run and enjoying the race experience itself!

    I don’t officially have a 2022 race yet, but I do have a deferral credit that I can use for next year so I’m just taking a wait-and-see approach.

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    • ZOOMA Cape Cod maybe??

      Finish times are so unpredictable that my goal has to be to have fun. Of course, we all want to run well.


  6. I train for races mainly so I will be able to function afterwards. I could probably have gotten by with not training for a half marathon in my 20’s but certainly not in my 40’s without paying the price later. Still, I know not every race can be a PR so as long as I know I tried my best given the race conditions and how I was feeling that day, I’m happy. I’ve only repeated a race once and that was the very first half marathon I ever ran, so all of my others have been different ones.

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  7. As a Brooks ambassador I do buy their products. I never really “need” anything (other than new shoes a few times a year) but I like to treat myself occasionally. But I buy it because I genuinely like the products and would be buying them anyway…which is why I wanted to be an ambassador.
    I haven’t thought ahead to 2022 yet. I haven’t even decided on the rest of 2021 yet:)

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  8. Darlene, I love your new race attitude. I am working on changing mine to be more like yours. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s not a job or a chore. We run because we want to! Same thing for races. We sign up voluntarily – for the fun and excitement!

    I am not an ambassador for any products. There are some products I love and am very loyal to, but I just never wanted to write about them.

    I am registered for a race in January 2022. The race is so popular, you must sign up for next year’s race before this year’s race happens. Anyway, I signed up for the 2021 race before the pandemic. Then when it was canceled, I deferred to 2022. I do a mix of races I already ran and love and new ones. I mostly like new adventures.

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  9. I love the gear I love – Athleta, SportSkirts, etc. – but don’t want a drawerful of things I don’t wear, so I’m not the best ambassador if ambassadors are supposed to buy gear. If I have what I need to get through the week, I’m good. .

    I run the same local races but I like to know the logistics. I’d like to say I will run races for fun this year, but I’m probably too competitive with myself.

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  10. Oh, where to start? Yes, I will buy items for which I am an ambassador. I just placed a Balega order today. Then again, we can always use more socks.

    I run a mix of repeat and new races. This year, I hope to add more new ones. And I am all about running for fun, especially now. I’m just so happy to be out there.

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  11. I’ve never heard of that shoe brand. I don’t buy separate walking shoes (I don’t walk much anyway) but I use running shoes that I no longer use for walking. Works perfect for me! And yes I do buy products for which I am ambassador.

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  12. I’m not an ambassador for any products, but if I was it would definitely be for a brand that I would want to buy stuff from. that said, if I have enough of something I may not buy much. really depends. I just applied for aftershokz but like 99% of anything I apply for, I doubt I will be chosen. I just don’t have enough influence.

    I like to repeat certain races for sure. I really miss Liverpool RnR because I could meet up with so many lovely runner friends that weekend. This year it’s the same weekend as Rotterdam (Liv is usually in May, Rdam is in April, both moved to October) which I believe I also still have a deferral for… but to be honest I have no idea anymore. I do have a deferral for Chicago, which I’m planning on doing in 2022.

    Never heard of that shoe brand! Will check it out though! I could definitely use a different shoe for walking. For now I use my running shoes since my inserts are made for them.

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    • I applied for Skirt sports when they started offering ambassadorships. Believe me, I bought a lot.

      I don’t have a big readership. I have applied for aftershoks gu spibelt but never get chosen. So many races are being moved to the fall. I will have a tough time deciding which to run. 2022 in Chicago!! Good for you.


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