Fit Friday Five: Winter Lovings

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I just realized that I haven’t posted about this topic since Fall.

So that’s my topic for today.

Here are 5 things that I am loving this Winter:

  1. my Adidas Beanie.

It is warm and comfortable. And most importantly, it stays down over my ears. (and I stumbled upon it at Marshalls!!)

2. My Hot Tub

Even if the temps are frigid, after a long run, it is an amazing reward. I keep it at 104 degrees.  It gets you warmed up and it’s also great for sore muscles. (For added joy, afterward, you need a heavy terry cloth robe, a cup of Starbucks or hot cocoa and a indoor fireplace lol).

3. my new Nordic Track Stationary Bike

On days when I don’t have time to get outside to run or it’s too snowy or icy to do so, this bike has been my savior.  In just a few minutes, I am sweating. It connects to my phone or iPad so I can listen to music, podcasts or participate in online workouts. (Bought for cheap on FB Market Place!!)

It also lets me be part of the Blogger Biker Chicks ZOOM!

4. my old Skirt Sports Toasty Cheeks Skirt

I wear it over tights.  It keeps my butt nice and “toasty” warm. I’ve had it for years and it still looks brand new (since I reserve it for very cold windy days.)

5. the NYCRuns Gaiter

It keeps my face warm (and protected from COVID) and actually stays up when I run. I have some other free cotton ones but they just don’t cut it. This one has Spandex in it. And it was swag from the NYCRuns in person race that I ran back in December. Win. Win.

It is very similar to the ones made by Skida which work well too.

Happy Running! What are you loving this winter?  Please share.


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29 thoughts on “Fit Friday Five: Winter Lovings

  1. Almost all my skirt sports still look new. They hold up well! It doesn’t get nearly as cold here but I’m loving my Nuun beanie cap. It’s cute and it has the perfect for me warmth.


  2. I love the amazing sunsets we sometimes have. They always seem more intense in Winter!

    I also love that we’re still mostly snow free, although I have a feeling that will change in February, but you never know.


  3. Looks like we’re on the same wave today 🙂 I’m actually (kind of) loving Winter …currently. The weather has been more mild than extreme & things are feeling good!

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    • I am loving that for the most part, I have been able to run outside. I have not been sick (knock on wood) If it’s cold, I just wear more layers.


    • I really helps keep your butt warm. I have to remember to put the tights on first so I have access to the skirt’s pockets. Or vice versa if the tights have pockets.


  4. Note to self: get a hot tub. My favorite thing that I’m loving this winter is the shirt from the Turkey Trot. It’s just a big orange sweatshirt and when I first saw it I thought that it was hideous, but it’s been perfect for running. It’s a little heavier than my other long sleeves but lighter than my running coat so it filled a gap that I didn’t know that I had.

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