Fall Lovings

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It’s almost Fall 2020 and time for a What Am I Loving Now post so that’s my topic this week.

Some things are probably the same as previous Falls but one big thing that has changed… NO FALL RACES!!


and no BIG RACE to train for 😦


1. Cooler Temps

Of course even I, who love sunshine and flowers, appreciate that it is easier to run when it is cooler.

a run too cool for a skirt and tank…

2. My Deep Tissue Massage Gun (cheap version of the Theragun)

It’s advertised to “rejuvenate sore muscles and aching joints, greatly reduce your recovery time after sports and improve your health condition. It has 11 Speeds and 6 Heads to be used on “different muscle groups and provides targeted treatment for fast recovery.”

Amazon.com: Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue for Athletes, Pokehome Deep Tissue Massage Gun Percussion Muscle Massager Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun, 11 Speed High Intensity Vibration, 6 Heads Included: Health & Personal

I’ve used it on my calves and my lower back. My hubby has used it for his tennis elbow. Thumbs up so far.

3. A New Starbucks Flavor

it’s Medium-roasted coffee with:

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Black Pepper
  • Cinnamon

Starbucks® Golden Turmeric | Starbucks® Coffee At Home

I like it.  The Turmeric taste is not as strong as you think. And Turmeric  (anti-inflammatory qualities, and antioxidant qualities) is healthy, right? .

4. Our Weekly Trail Walks

Our local running club (ARE) in non-pandemic times organized runs on different local trails every week.

As a substitute, my running friends (the Sole Sisters) and I decided instead to walk on a different trail each week.  These will continue as long as it stays light long enough.  Then we may have to switch to the weekend.

5. My Long Run Saturdays

I love ALL my running friends and they have gotten me through all my long runs. I used to find these a struggle but I haven’t run fewer than 10 miles since last August.  It’s my favorite run of the week and one I never miss. Who knew this 5k runner would prefer the longer distance?

last year’s pic but the same partners in crime plus Debbie

But even better than the long runs, are the conversations had over brunch afterward. We are still able to do take-out and sit outdoors … apart. Not sure what will happen when the weather gets cold.

the good ole days – pre-pandemic

6. (because I can’t stick with 5). Hiking the Mountains

I’ve been hiking all summer and wish I had more time…

but I can’t wait until the leaves change color. It will be even more awesome.

view from Prospect Mt.

Happy Running! What are you loving right now?  Please share.


11 thoughts on “Fall Lovings

  1. You know I’m a hiking junkie so I’ll definitely join you for number 6.
    And those Long Run Saturdays look so fun. There’s nothing better than working out with friends and then spending some time together afterwards!


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