Runfessions for November ’20

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

I get FOMO looking at those pictures of runners running at sunrise.  I am an early riser so I could do it too but I watch those beautiful reds and oranges in the sky while drinking a cup of coffee and scrolling through FB and IG.

Anyone else struggle to get out there to run in the early morning hours?

2. I runfess…

I searched all summer for my pink compression socks.  Now that it is too cold for skirts, I found them!! But wouldn’t you know it, now I can’t find my favorite buff and running shirt.

Do you misplace things or is it just me?

3.I runfess…

I have had a Strava account for years and never used it.  I finally did because the free virtual 5ks that signed up through NYRR asked you to post there.

I tried not to be embarrassed with how slow my pace was lol

Anyone else use Strava to record runs or interact with other runners?

4. I runfess…

I did not use my Garmin during my recent REAL half marathon but I missed it.  Not in the way, you think. It was so freeing to enjoy racing and not think about pace and finish time.

at mile 10.6

But I had NO stats.  I always look after a race at my pace for each mile.  And of course, overanalyze things.

Does anyone else obsess over their race stats?

5.I runfess…

My recent race made me realize how much I missed the atmosphere and runner connection at a real race even COVID-style. I did register for a 5K in NYC in a few weeks. I am, of course, hesitating to go due to the rise in the number of cases. I’m pretty sure that the race itself will be safe.  Other races have been held there but it’s all the other stuff to worry about.

So I am waiting until the last minute to decide (I can cancel my free hotel room until 6 pm the night before).

there’s always next year…

It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five linkup! Join in! Don’t forget to link back to your hostess and visit some other bloggers.

Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? So glad to get mine out in the open? Can you identify with any of them? Please share.


23 thoughts on “Runfessions for November ’20

  1. We’re out walking at sunrise and it’s amazing. But it’s not running. I suppose I could take a fake running pic, haha! I’ve had a Strava account for years. Never used it a single time. I feel bad when people follow me. Haha!

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    • Same. I was surprised I had followers.

      I have gone for a walk. But it’s too complicated to dress right for a run. And my neighborhood is not scenic.


  2. 100% with you on not doing sunrise runs. There was one morning this week when I had to get up super early to get my workout in (a.k.a. what I used to do every single morning before the pandemic) and it was so miserable that honestly I would rather have skipped the workout. Girlfriend, I overanalyze every single number from every single run, let alone races, so I feel your pain on your non-Garmin race.

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  3. You probably know I’m the same with my Garmin. I use it for GPS (on my runs) and for monitoring my distance (while racing). I seldom ever pay attention to my splits or use the stats- while running- to influence my performance. I do analyze all the stats afterwards, though. I’m such a glutton for sunrises…probably the art geek deep within my soul LOLI joined Strava, but have never done anything with it either.

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  4. I used to get up early and run, but now that I have retired, I don’t get out before dawn anymore. My friend told me about seeing an owl in our town right before sunrise. She showed me where she saw it. That might be enough to motivate me to get up and get out there early.

    I do have Strava but I almost never use it. I downloaded it to run some virtual 5Ks but I typically don’t run with my phone. I was surprised I had followers too.

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  5. Obviously I’m constantly misplacing stuff. Always!

    I’ve been on Strava for years. I don’t look at it. I used it for a training challenge many years ago. Good thing I stayed on it, I guess, the virtual race I ran to raise $$ for the Dempsey Challenge used it.


  6. Sadly, I’m usually out running at sunrise, but don’t have great views from my neighborhood loop — too many trees and buildings. I miss my D.C. views.

    I don’t use Strava. I don’t obsess over my Garmin data or analyze it much, but I still *need* to have it.

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  7. I’ve always thought a sunrise looks just like a sunset, so I’m happy to catch all of the sunsets I can and forego the sunrises. I use Strava all the time. Not so happy about some of the changes they made a few months ago when they were pushing people to pay for the app and took away things from the free version, but I’ve adjusted.

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