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My Topic for this week is: Self-Care

I’ll admit that I stole this idea from @runstrongrun’s IG post. I hope she doesn’t mind.

It’s always been important to take care of oneself but even more crucial during these stressful times.

Since it is Friday Five, I’ll pick the first 5 on this list:


Run, walk, hike, work out. Whatever works for you. It may only be for a short time but try to fit in some form of exercise each day.

I rarely work out but I do try to run or walk or hike every day.

2. Alone Time

It’s important to carve time where you are completely by yourself.

I work from home now. That’s means I’m home with the hubby more than usual.  Driving to a local preserve is my alone time. Sometimes it’s my daily run or walk.

3.Read a book.

It doesn’t have to be for a long time…maybe just a few pages before bed or while your dinner is cooking.

I do read every night before I fall asleep but I especially enjoy reading on the lake.

4.Spa Day

This can be just soaking in the tub, getting a manicure or pedicure or even a facial (home mud mask). Try to find some time to pamper yourself every day.

I do get monthly manicures, always have my toes painted but some days I am lazy. I need to remind myself to take a long bath rather than a quick shower each day.  We have an outdoor hot tub (that I unplugged to set up my laptop on the deck). I need to set that up again for a post run spa.


Humans are made to be connected with other humans. So call or text a friend, ZOOM or Face Time with him/her, meet at a park. Connect with at least ONE friend each day.

my college friends

I’m pretty good with keeping touch with those important in my life.  I text friends whom I can’t see or ZOOM with those who live too far away to see in person.  Of course, I do try to see my close friends at least weekly at dinners/brunches

and on runs/walks.

We are all busy especially if you work full-time or have young children at home.  You may not be able to do all of these self-care items every day,  But several can be combined such as:

1 and 3 – Download an audio book and listen while you exercise.
1 and 2 – Spend your alone time walking, hiking or running.
1 and 5 – Run/walk or work out with a friend.
1 and 4 – Run or workout and follow it with an Epsom salt bath or massage.

Have you noticed which number works with the all the rest??

And remember

Self-Care Strategies for Holidays — Rape Recovery Center

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Happy Running! How many of these do you do Daily? Please share.

9 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. We all need to focus on self-care, especially right now. Thanks for the good suggestions. I read every night until I fall asleep too. It’s a good way to unplug if I have been on my laptop or watching TV.

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  2. I do connect with friends. Just not in groups. That’s what works for me.

    As to the rest, I don’t do much of that (other than alone time, reading, and exercise). Everyone is different, though, and self care looks different on everyone.


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