Staying Safe/Sane When Running (during Pandemic Times)

Since it’s Tuesday, I’m joining the link-up organized by Zenaida and Kim (Kooky Runner)

My Topic for today is: Running (during Pandemic Times)

My utmost priority is staying safe. That means not catching COVID-19 and/or passing it on the my hubby, my stepsons or worse my 95 year old MIL.

Most of the time I have not stayed in my neighborhood because I have found ways to feel safe when running elsewhere. I will share some of those ways below in addition to ways to save your sanity if you choose to stay near home.

  • Wear a mask or buff around your neck

As you are probably aware, you wear something over your mouth and nose to protect others (even if you have no symptoms). So if you have it around your neck at all times, if someone comes close, you just pull it up.  Also as respect for others, if you see someone else wearing a mask/buff (even if they are not close), you should pull up your mask or buff.

oops I’m the only one without a mask/buff

  • Run early on popular routes or bike paths.

You’ll be surprised how empty your normal running routes are if you go early in the morning.

Corning bike path is empty in the early am

  • Research new and rarely populated paths.

Do not run where you normally do That’s where most runners go.

Instead, find a new place, somewhere new, someplace uncommon.  You will be rewarded with an empty, safe path.

this part of the Crossings is in the back and very empty

  • Call a friend.

You can run in your neighborhood. But every time??!! It sure gets boring no matter what you do.

Ask a friend to run with you.  You two, of course, will be running 6 feet apart.  But you can still chat that way and motivate each other to complete the distance.

  • Play head games.

If you feel that your neighborhood is your only option and you cannot find a friend to share the experience, invent ways to keep it fun.

Look for rainbow signs, find new flowers in bloom each week, ask the names of the friendly dogs, give out awards to the nicest lawns, pick out your favorite house, etc.

I mostly look for flowers to photograph (but I’m not interested in my pace)

I have no idea when things will go back to normal so that I can run safely anywhere, at any time and with my friends or at races.

This message still holds true…

Bloggers unite!!

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Happy Running! Have you found ways to run outside your neighborhood and still feel safe?  Or have you been sticking close tPlease share.

24 thoughts on “Staying Safe/Sane When Running (during Pandemic Times)

  1. I like your idea of playing head games. I like to take pictures of flowers, too.

    I like to distract my mind. Just yesterday I was climbing an awful hill on my mountain bike and I knew the next 26 minutes would be killing me. So I thought of a tax issue I needed to solve and focused on that all the way up. I didn’t solve the tax issue, but it helped to make the climb shorter!

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  2. I do try to go out early but it seems like everyone is out early this summer! I see a lot of runners and walkers outside without a buff and it drives me nuts because I just want everyone to be safe and healthy.

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  3. I’m hoping the bike paths thin out as it gets colder. We’ll see.

    Corning has always been fairly empty in the mornings. Which is why I don’t like to run it alone! And the wood path in the Crossings is so short. I have though about going to the Crossings, but most of the time I just want to get out & run before the sun is too high.


    • I think if the pandemic lasts, people will be getting outdoors more even when it gets colder which is great. The paths are not crowded if you go early or start at unpopular spots. I run around the wood path 4 times. I try not to run in my neighborhood if I don’t have to. But it’s been 21 weeks, you seem to be able to handle that better than me lol

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  4. These are great tips. I’ve been staying close to home because its convenient. I dont see many people when I’m out running and there is enough space to stay pretty far from anyone who I do pass

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  5. As you know, Barb and I were able to continue with all of our runs through everything. Granted, most of our runs are in the o’dark early hours, so we have the roads to ourselves. Even in daylight, though, we just kept ourselves distanced from each other.

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  6. I do keep my mask around my neck in case I need it. I have kind of figured out the least crowded times to be out there. Weekends are more challenging though. Calling a friend to chat with also helps on my runs and walks

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  7. I rarely see people out on my run which I like. When I do see someone on the sidewalk, I just move to the street to avoid them. The lakefront is a challenge since there are more people there. I wear a buff around my neck and pull it up when necessary.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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