Summer Running – Love it or Hate it?

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My Topic this week’s is: What do you love/hate about summer running?

All apply even we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic.


1.Less Layers

I can get changed in minutes. Tank. Skirt. Cap. Go!

so easy to squeeze in a run during lunchtime

2. Sunshine

I love the SUN!! It motivates me to get outside and get my dose of Vitamin D!!

blues skies, sunny days = ❤

3. Longer Days.

As a working runner, this is especially important to me.  It is no fun running in the dark after work.  When it is dark, it limits the places where I can run.

after work runs are my favorite because I can drive to favorite routes

4. Nature is prettier.

I love trees and flowers.  So much to look at during this season.  And different flowers and trees are blooming each week.

flowers and more flowers

5. No Training Runs.

Even during a normal year, I run my big races in the winter, fall and spring.  So summer is just for running. No plans. No stress.

just for fun and connecting with friends


1.Mosquitos/Ticks/Black Flies

I am very susceptible to insect bites so I need to always apply insect repellent.  Sometimes I am lax and I pay the price with lots of itchy bites.


Dry heat is great but when it is humid, it is tough to get the miles in and the speed.  I have to do a lot of walking…

too humid to run!!!

3.More Laundry

Less layers but they are sweaty.  That means that I can’t wear items more than once like I do in the other seasons.

4.Competing Activities

In the summer, there’s hiking, tennis, boating, BBQs, etc. It’s hard to fit it all in and sometimes, I may have to just skip the run in favor of a summer-only activity.

just suffering on the lake lol

5.Lack of Races to Motivate You.

Many more races to sign up for in the spring and fall.  Not many even during a normal summer.  So it may be hard to motivate yourself to get out the door or do those weekend long runs.

luckily for friends or these runs may not happen or be shortened

So I think I LOVE summer running more than I hate it. 

Summertime quotes - i love summer

Maybe I should move to a warmer, sunnier climate?

Happy Running! What do you love and/or hate about summer?  Do you love or hate it more. Please share.

10 thoughts on “Summer Running – Love it or Hate it?

    • I like fall and spring because of racing. But my running hours are too limited in both.

      I plan to stay in our house for the duration. I wouldn’t want to leave my friends.

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  1. I’m sure you know my answer to this 😉 While the humidity makes it tough, I still LOVE summer running. And, I love it far more than I do for any other season. That said, as much as I’d like to like in a warmer climate, I know I’d miss the change of seasons. I just wish summer was a bit longer and winter lasted (maybe) only a month.

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